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Forums are used by businesses to engage with users visiting their support portal. Forums help foster a community where users can share tips and tricks, help each other out and voice their opinions about your product or service. Here are the four kinds of forums and what they mean:

  • Questions - Question and answer-type forum, where users can ask questions and get answers from the community. (Used for Q&A Forums, Tips and Tricks, and Discussions on workarounds)
  • Ideas - Users can share an idea and start a discussion around it, and agents can share progress on the idea. (Used for: Feature requests, product roadmap ideas, and solutions)
  • Problems - Users can share a problem or bug and discuss it with the community. (Used for: Issues and bug-report forums)
  • Announcements - Agents or users can share general announcements and start a simple discussion on this. (Used for: Major product announcements, fixes and release notes)

Community forums, with moderation capabilities, give more control to companies. They can control spam and make sure that your topics/posts are always relevant.