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All agents are equal, but some agents are more equal than the others

The agent role defines what an agent can see and do in a helpdesk. The default roles differ from one helpdesk to another but generally, there is an account admin who can control everything in the helpdesk, a supervisor who can pull up reports and make sure that the team is working smoothly, and agents who answer tickets and take calls.

But in some companies, there are roles held by people in the customer support team which won’t fall under these default categories. Some teams have agents who handle only social media queries or an agent who only writes knowledge base articles. Some supervisors might want their new recruits to be able to just see the tickets in the helpdesk and do nothing more.

For these cases, they can create a custom agent role that controls what part of the helpdesk agents can see and which parts can they edit. For example, a manager role can be created which has these properties:

  • Can see and edit tickets
  • Can edit other people’s notes
  • Can create automation
  • Cannot add agents

Different organizations have different hierarchies and processes, and custom agent roles enable them to do so.