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Customer interaction with a company begins with a ticket raised by the customer. The number of customer interactions on a ticket is the number of recorded conversations (email/call/chat/tweet) the customer had with the company before the ticket was resolved.

Ideally, a ticket needs to be resolved after the first customer interaction to give maximum satisfaction to the customer. But most times, agents might need more information from the customer or the customer’s request might be time-consuming and so, a ticket resolution would require more than one customer interaction.

Customer interactions can be used to judge the customer and the agent dealing with them:

  • The customer’s average number of interactions across all the tickets they create is a measure of whether the customer is a new user or a power user, or if she is a supportive/happy customer or a problematic/unhappy customer.
  • If the number of customer interactions on tickets assigned to a particular agent is high, it means that the agent doesn’t know the product/service well enough. Or he isn’t conveying his answers properly. Both things worth looking into.