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Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of customer support.

Every support agent tries to make sure that when a customer leaves the interaction, he is satisfied with their solution. However, some brands go the distance and aim for customer delight, rather than just stop at customer satisfaction.

Great support can increase customer retention, word-of-mouth, and eventually sales. But great support isn’t quantifiable. That’s where C-SAT surveys come in.

A C-SAT survey is sent to the customer generally after their ticket has been resolved to find out how happy the customer is with the support they received. The customer can choose from three options: Happy, Indifferent and Unhappy. They can also leave comments about their experience and their opinion on how it can be improved.

Not every customer who gets this survey will answer it. That is why it’s not a good measure of satisfaction. But based on the survey answers that do come in, agents can learn and improve.

Some companies like to keep things transparent and display their satisfaction ratings in public using happiness reports.