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Email notifications are sent to customers and agents whenever there is an update on their tickets.

  • For an agent, notifications act as a reminder to check the helpdesk and to not keep customers waiting. Notifications reach them even when they are not at their desks and make sure they don’t miss out on anything important. Common notifications: Ticket assigned to agent, Customer replied to a ticket, SLA violation etc
  • For a customer, notifications act as an acknowledgement. For example, when a customer raises a ticket for the first time, she has no idea about when she can expect a response or whether she would be heard. An email notification about what status the ticket has been assigned and who is working on it will reassure her. Common notifications: New ticket created, Agent responded to the ticket, Agent resolved the ticket etc

To make notifications really useful, they need to be customized with placeholders. It can be used to let customers know when they can expect a solution (calculated using SLA policy) or the public URL of the ticket. Placeholders also help personalize email notifications.

If a company has customers spread across the world, they can choose to send out notifications in multiple languages.

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