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A feedback widget is a ticket form that can be embedded in your company’s website or application. It’s another channel through which customers can contact you.

When customers have a problem with a product/service, more often than not, they look for a solution in your company’s website. And if they can’t find it….they get frustrated. Seriously frustrated. If you think it can’t get worse, try making it hard to find a way to contact the company. That should show you the error of your ways. Setting up a feedback widget there (on your website/application) makes sure that they can access your support with a click.

To set it up, all you will have to do is copy a piece of code that the helpdesk provides and put it in your website code (preferably in all web pages). It will appear as a small button on the side that pulls up a ticket form when clicked.

If you have a well-stocked knowledge base, you can enable the option that lets customers search your knowledge base right inside the widget. This way, the customer might get an answer immediately and the agent probably has one less ticket to solve.

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