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A helpdesk is software that companies use to support internal and external customers.

  • A support helpdesk or a customer support software is used by support teams to help out external customers. It is usually a ticketing system that converts customer queries from different channels into tickets.
  • An IT helpdesk or a service desk is used by IT teams to help out internal employees. They are usually ITIL process-compliant and allow users to do everything from incident management to asset management.

Though support can be provided through channels like email, phone, chat or even twitter, a helpdesk has specific qualities that makes the process easier for agents and customers.

  • For an agent, a support helpdesk has capabilities like assigning tickets to them automatically, prioritizing and categorizing them. It is also incredibly easy in a helpdesk to find out which issues are yet to be solved and which ones have been taken care of already. Companies can decide on a support standard, and enforce that using SLAs. And some of menial, repetitive tasks can be performed by the helpdesk automatically.
  • For a customer, a helpdesk’s customer portal has a knowledge base and community forum that they can use to figure out answers to their questions, and engage with other users.

Some companies can keep their helpdesk invisible to their customers, so that the support they provide seems more personal. In that case, the agents will be able to access all the helpdesk functionalities but the customer portal of the helpdesk will be hidden.