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Step one to mitigating customer frustration is making it easy for users to reach out to you when they have a problem. This is especially true in a mobile app, where users who encounter a problem have to go through a lot of steps - closing the app, searching for your contact information on the internet, explaining the problem to an agent with specifics about their mobile….and it just goes on and on. Businesses can cut out most of these steps by making it easier for users to be able to reach out to you, with in-app support.

It is usually done by putting a help button within the app. When customers click on it, they can go through support articles to find a solution. If they cannot find a relevant answer, they can ping a support agent right from within the app; their conversation will be converted into a ticket in a helpdesk, along with specifications about the mobile OS/browser. The agent’s reply to the ticket will reach the customer directly in the app. This way, a customer’s problem can be solved in minutes, without them having to jump through hoops.

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