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A knowledge base or a help center is a repository of information about a product/service. It consists of support documentation about every feature - its purpose and detailed instructions on how to use it. It will also have answers to frequently asked questions and some tips to help customers out of tight spots.

Most helpdesks have an built-in knowledge base that support teams can populate easily. This kbase will be useful to both customer support agents and the customers because:

  • Customers can find out ways to solve problems themselves immediately, without contacting support.
  • Agents will have fewer tickets to deal with. They can also find answers related to the ticket they are working on in the kbase.

A kbase generally has a feedback system in place to find out whether the articles in the kbase are helpful and understandable to readers. Most helpdesks convert this feedback into a ticket that can be acted upon immediately.

In some helpdesks, agents can forward the replies they send the customer to the kbase. The reply will be converted to a kbase article, that can be used internally or even cleaned up and published.

A lot of startups generally refrain from using a kbase because populating a kbase is a demanding, time-consuming task. This shouldn’t be the modus operandi because even though writing these articles takes a lot of blood, sweat and tears, once published, they will help reduce agent workload significantly.

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