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It’s quite clear from the name that the ability to provide support in multiple channels like phone, email, chat, social etc, is called Multi-channel support.

But in helpdesk terms, it means more than just that.

It means being able to provide support in more than one channel from a single helpdesk. This makes sure that all conversations are tracked and converted to tickets when necessary.

Integrating all channels to a helpdesk,

  • Provides more context about the customer. If the customer, on the phone, has emailed or tweeted about the same issue before, the agents will be able to pull it up in a jiffy.
  • Saves agents the time they’d normally have wasted switching between different apps.
  • Removes confusion. By tracking all customer conversations in one place, no customer conversation ever gets lost.
  • Showcases the agent performance in each channel, and the time and effort every channel takes relative to each other.

Phone and Email are the traditional channels that are still used widely to provide support. With self-service getting more and more popular, companies let customers raise tickets right from the support portal if they don’t find answers in the kbase and forums. Chat and In-app (web and mobile) channels let customers access support easily from a company’s website and their apps. And of course, brands are now expected to support customers through Facebook and Twitter as well. A truly multi-channel helpdesk will bring everything together and make support really easy for the agents.