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Customer support today, is not restricted to one channel of communication. Some customers might prefer email, others may call you, while some prefer to reach out via social media. Being able to provide complete support through all these diverse channels, is known as omnichannel support. By implementing an omnichannel approach, helpdesks enable collecting all customer conversations from multiple channels, into a single unified location.

For example, how easy would it be if just one mention of your brand’s Twitter handle gets directly converted into a ticket within your helpdesk? Or when a chat conversation from your website’s chat widget gets converted into a ticket, so the agent can use it to follow up with the customer?

In such ways, you can have complete context of your customer’s problem without having to switch between multiple tools. The unified approach or omnichannel support makes your life much easier. This, combined with the powers of self-service, artificial intelligence(AI), and machine learning(ML), goes a long way in improving agent productivity and saving customers’ time.