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Phone support has been around for a long time and it is still one of the primary ways in which companies provide support.

Companies around the world are becoming more and more analytical about support. They want to keep track of who is calling, why they are calling, how the call was handled and how much time and money they spend on calls. And since phone is just one of the many channels in which they provide support, they want to connect it to all the other channels. That’s where phone ticketing comes into play.

The process of converting every phone call into a ticket in a helpdesk is called phone ticketing. Every ticket contains a recording of the call, information about the customer who called and the agent who handled it. If the agent has a follow up conversation about the same issue, it is added to the same ticket for the sake of context.

Ticketing phone calls (like emails and other channels) makes sure that when someone calls, agents know if the caller has contacted the helpdesk through any channel before. Agents can get a world of context about the customer even before they say ‘Hello’.

Phone support sure has come a long way from clunky old physical phones and dial-up internet.

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