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A common problem in customer service is that customers are not very elaborate when it comes to explaining the problem they’re facing. More often than not, they think twice before contacting support, because:

  • They don’t want to explain their problem from scratch to an agent.

  • They don’t want to share multiple screenshots of the issue.

  • They don’t want to get on a remote screen-sharing session and re-explain all the troubleshooting steps they’ve already tried.

What if you can get full context of the customer’s problem without this constant back and forth? By integrating Freshdesk with Freshmarketer, and leveraging the Session Replays feature, you can watch a live recording of a customer session on your website to understand what went wrong. With Session Replays, you will:

  • never ask customers for screenshots again

  • know what solutions they’ve already tried, and

  • know what KBase articles they’ve already read.