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Most brands now have a social presence. They have a facebook page, they tweet, they are even on pinterest. Brands see social channels as a good way to connect to customers; which is true. They also get a lot of support questions through these social channels. And since everything in social media is public, brands have to be doubly careful about answering those questions, and answering them on time. This can be done by integrating social accounts with a helpdesk.

If social accounts are integrated with the helpdesk, when someone tweets at a company’s twitter handle or posts on a brand’s facebook page, it gets converted into a ticket automatically. Agents can reply to these tickets, and their replies will reach the customer as a reply to their tweet or post. Since anything on social media is time sensitive, admins can set up a separate SLA policy for facebook and twitter tickets. This makes sure that support questions reach the right people and customers get the best possible support even on social media.

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