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Based on their position in the support team, agents can take on different roles in a helpdesk. Some of them work on just tickets; others pull up reports and analyze data. Depending on their skillset and experience, they work on different things.

An agent with the role of a supervisor can do everything in a helpdesk except the admin functionalities. They can go through all the tickets and see how agents are handling them, they can oversee the knowledge base articles and forum posts, and more importantly, they can pull up different kinds of reports.

A supervisor’s main job is to make sure that things are running smoothly in the helpdesk. A lot of small companies don’t have a dedicated supervisor nor do they really need one; one of the agents or maybe even the CEO doubling down as the supervisor usually does the job.

A lot of big organizations, on the other hand, need a supervisor who keeps all the metrics in check and gains insights that drives business decisions through the reports.

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