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There comes a time each year, like Black Friday or Christmas Eve, when your helpdesk is positively flooded with support queries, so many queries that even if your team worked around the clock without stopping for food or drink, they still wouldn’t be able to solve ‘em all. For just a couple of weeks, you’ll need more agents on deck - either your teammates or temporary employees just for the holidays.

However, it doesn’t make sense to buy seats for those extra agents for the whole month, seats that will be used only for a couple of days in the whole month. It’s kind of like buying a limo for prom. Sure, it’s great during prom but what are you going to do with it after prom?

That’s why most helpdesks let you have temporary agents. You can buy something like a day pass for a couple of dollars that lets people login as temporary agents for a day. This way, you get to pay just for the number of days you employ extra agents, and not a penny more.

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