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A ticket field helps companies organize information from the customer, information that will help them categorize, prioritize and solve her issue. Apart from emailing support or tweeting at it, customers can raise support tickets by filling out a ticket form. A ticket form is a great way to capture a problem’s context; you can ask for information like their phone number, email address, the version of the software they’re using and so on. Information that will help your helpdesk better categorize, prioritize and assign your ticket.

Some ticket fields can be hidden to customers and be made available only to the agents. Usually, this is because of one of the following reasons:

  • There might be so many fields that you know customers will do their best to avoid the ticket form.
  • Some fields, like ticket priority, matter in a helpdesk but not to the customer.
  • Agents will be better suited to fill out some fields, like the type of the ticket, than the customers.

Agent fields are also called as ticket properties and they are of great use in reporting and analytics.