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When you have to deal with hundreds of tickets everyday, it’s almost impossible to decide which one to work on first. There are so many ways you can go about it that just picking one will take you days. LIFO, FIFO, Eenie meeny miny moe and so on...If they are solved in FIFO or LIFO, tickets about security vulnerability or downtime would wait for days while agents reply to tickets about typos.

And that is why tickets are assigned priorities.

A ticket can be prioritized as Urgent, High, Medium or Low based on its content, its requester or any property depending on the company. Most helpdesks have automations that let you assign a priority to tickets containing certain keywords. Admins can also create a group of high value customers who pay for support, and assign high priority to their tickets.

Ticket priority is also the basis of the SLA policy. The response time and the resolution time of a ticket are set based on a ticket’s priority. Generally, urgent tickets will have to be responded to within an hour while low priority tickets can take a day.

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