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Every stage a ticket travels through in its lifecycle is called a status. Every ticket that is created in a helpdesk is marked as ‘open’ by default. Then the ticket travels through ‘resolved’, sometimes ‘pending’ and ends with ‘closed’ status. A ticket’s status explains whether the customer’s problem is solved, and if not, why.

At any point of time, agents can filter all tickets that have ‘open’ status and start working on them. And once the ticket is ‘closed’, they can forget about it.

When tickets are in some statuses like ‘open’, the SLA timer is ticking - meaning that the onus is on the agent to make the next move within the due by time calculated by the SLA policy. The SLA timer is off in some statuses, like ‘Pending’, when the agent is dependent on the customer or some third-party to make the next move.

Companies can create custom statuses based on their industry/processes. For example, an ecommerce company can have a custom status for ‘Refund requested’ where the SLA timer is turned off.

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