5 tips to manage your Customer Service on Facebook

Facebook is the most prominent of the tools that have taken over the Social Media landscape today, and customers are engaging with their favorite brands on it like never before. A study says that nearly 62% of customers talk to companies over Social Media.

In this scenario, businesses need to be very careful and understand the rules of the game before they play it.

So we’ve have compiled this small, brief list of tips to manage your customer service on Facebook.

1. Have a Social Media Policy – If you don’t want to engage your customers on Social Media, say so. A lot of companies don’t. And that’s not wrong. If you plan to actually engage customers, then say so even louder. A Facebook framework for your company might be a very good investment of time. It will give direction to your employees and a vision as to want you want to achieve with your Facebook presence, making it easier to draft guidelines and respond to queries.

2. Show customers a human face – Encourage employees to let customers know who exactly they are dealing with at the company.  This gives the company a human face with which customers find it easier to interact and at the same time, gives employees a certain kind of ownership of the problem. Customers also will see the people behind the brand they are interacting with, and encourage conversation and engagement.

3. Take part in the conversation – Don’t just broadcast scripted messages and calls for action. Take part in the conversation on your page, ask a few questions, get a few replies. Engagement is the key in Social Media. Be careful about a stagnating page too. Remember that Facebook is 24/7. Your fans are on it all the time.

4. Have a disaster management plan – On Social Media, things can go horribly wrong in a microsecond. Have a disaster mitigation plan ready. Who should address the problem, who should talk to the press, who should issue a statement, and so on. Believe us, this can be a remarkably useful tip.

5. Have a Facebook team – Depending upon the number of fans and subscribers you have, you can set up an individual or a team that caters exclusively to Facebook. This may not be necessary, as you have discovered Freshdesk anyway, and your support team can take over your presence with our Facebook integration. But when your business grows and you have thousands of customers and clients, someone dedicated to it would also certainly help.

Here’s a whitepaper on serving customers on Facebook and 5 reasons as to why you should be serving customers on Facebook in the first place.