How to market your business using phone support

Heaven hath no benevolence like a customer impressed. When you embrace the great customer experience paradigm and leave your customers increasingly delighted after each call, you’ve done the most you can to market your business. Happy customers can be your fiercest advocates, your most successful salespeople, and your most efficient marketers – if only you manage to perfect your customer support. Your phone customer support, at least.

The phone channel may be old, but it’s a tried, tested and true winner of hearts. In this post, we’ll discuss a few things you can do to deliver the best possible phone support experience, while using it to market your business and earn customer patronage at the same time.  

The idea is to make sure that when a customer has a question or problem,

They know they can call you right away

In a world of many communication channels, customers might think of giving you a phone call as a final resort if their email or Facebook comment hasn’t been replied to. But it’s over the phone that you have the most control over the customer’s experience than on any other channel – you can be personally available to the customer at a time of need, swoop in, save the day and make a lasting impression that’s hard to shake. So make sure you let customers know that you welcome calls at any time, irrespective of how minor their problem may be.

They know your number

Tell the world loud and clear, how to reach you over the phone. You can use billboards and other kinds of advertisement to draw attention and direct people straight to your phone number as the first point of contact. Be sure to get a number that’s fairly easy to remember.

They don’t have to pay for the call

Customers shouldn’t need to think twice before picking up the phone to call for help. Make sure you get toll free numbers and encourage customers to contact you by phone. Use every phone call as an opportunity to not only support your customer and solve their query, but also to give them a memorable experience interacting with your organization, making it more likely that they will buy from you again or recommend you to a friend.

They’re received with open arms

Once you have a customer on call, capitalize on the opportunity. The phone channel presents a unique chance for you to foster customer love and loyalty like no other. Resolving their issue in a polite, patient and quick manner aside, be sure to sound friendly, happy and ready to serve. Customers should end the call feeling like you’re a friend over at the company whom they can call again if they need to. Achieving this means customers feel a sense of connection with the company and admiration for the company’s ideals, making them the perfect agencies for your growth. Ensure your phone system is able to capture contact and company information, has the ability to take notes during calls, view past customer interaction history, etc. to be prepared for future follow up.

They remember you for something fun

Throw in something fun or quirky in calls to help customers remember you better, and with more fondness. Because how much more does everyone like Google for their creative doodles? You can make your phone support more memorable by doing things like getting an interesting number that conveys what your business does. For instance, a company that sells photography equipment could get 1-800-MUG-SHOT for a number. You could make it humorous and add a touch of personality to your business. At the end of the day, you want people to remember you.

They’re kept engaged

You don’t want to be remembered for boring your customers. Keep customers engaged and entertained throughout, even when they’re on hold. First off, avoid keeping customers in the call queue for long – make sure the phone system you use has the ability to, in real-time, view call queue to estimate agents-callers ratio, view incoming caller ID to add callers to your contact database, customize your call flow for seamless call handling, and so on. But when they are waiting in queue, use the time to meet two ends – prevent call abandonment and promote your business. This has to be done carefully, without dumping too much information on the caller. You could tell them about offers, new products or tips related to your business.

The idea of using a telephone for marketing your business has been around for a long time. If you’re able to provide better customer experience with your very first touchpoint – using a phone – what follows will automatically contribute to the rest of your brand building efforts. Start marketing your business today with Freshdesk’s phone channel.

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