Building a Community Can Supercharge Your Customer Service

When you are looking to build a community around your brand, you often ask yourself — what’s wrong with letting things run the way they are, right?


You can’t just let things run the way they are and expect your brand to become a hit. You need to constantly work towards building your brand’s authority and image. Building a community is one of the best ways to create a strong brand identity.

Why Build a Community?

If you are wondering why you should build a community around your business then you are not alone.

There are numerous reasons why you should build a community, but in this article, we are going to discuss five important reasons.

5 Ways Community Can Supercharge Your Customer Service

In this modern era, customer service is the most important aspect of a business and fostering an active community boosts your customer service. Here’s how.

1. Builds Trust and Authority

A community forum is a platform where customers interact about their problems, give suggestions and show appreciation. Thus, by actively engaging your customers, you can earn their trust. Think about it, when your customers interact with each other and your team on a forum, and see how responsive and caring your brand is, they start trusting your brand.

Since a forum is a public place, anyone can join and ask questions about the brand. Also, it’s important to gain the trust of newcomers with active members playing an important role in helping newcomers with their questions and doubts.

By increasing the number of discussions and delivering positive experiences in the community, you can build your brand’s authority.  If you have a community that has been going strong for a long time then you can become an authority in your specific niche. People will not only join your community for information regarding your brand, but also for the information regarding your entire niche. The PlayStation Community and Xbox Forums are great examples of communities that have built trust and authority over the years.

2. Helpful Advice Turns into a Discussion

Once your community starts growing, more customers will rely on your community to receive help with their issues or to find answers to their questions. Once their issues are resolved, they might even stay to read more about their favorite topics and services. Sometimes, communities can be more than just a customer support area. It can be a discussion board, a Facebook community, or a simple Instagram photo featuring a customer’s story which encourages people to post about your brand in hopes of getting featured. It doesn’t even have to be a forum or an answer board, a simple blog can work as well.

When you post topics that are helpful then there’s definitely going to be a thread of comments on it. These comments are the discussion that fuels your brand and boosts its image.

GymShark is one of the fastest growing fitness apparel stores online and they have built a community around their brand which is one of the main reasons for the brand’s growth. The GymShark blog provides everyone with the opportunity to be a part of their community and participate in the discussion.

3. Social Proof

What is social proof?

Well, it’s quite simple. When a person reads a bunch of reviews from your customers, sees a testimonial from an industry expert, or just hears about the brand from someone on their social networks, it’s called social proof.

Social proof is important for brands because people are more cautious of who they want to do business with. If you are a new e-commerce store then you might face a hard time trying to make that first sale.


Because people don’t trust a new brand. You just popped open your shop out of the blue, so it might take a while for someone to trust your brand and make a purchase. This is where social proof comes into play.

You can send out a few samples of your product to social media influencers and ask them to post a testimonial on your behalf. This social proof helps people trust your brand.

Now, communities automatically build social proof for you. When there are satisfied customers available on your community, actively participating in discussions, and answering questions, then newcomers will look at it as social proof. They will trust your brand because there are customers who have already tried and tested your product or service.

4. Peer to Peer Support and Recommendations

We all know how important it is to prioritize your potential customers’ issues.  A community makes the process of providing support to potential customers a lot easier.

Members of the community can help other users out without your support team having to lift a finger at all. This peer-to-peer support system works perfectly and that’s the reason why Xbox Ambassador program really took off, as they connect gamers with other gamers to solve their problems and any other issues.  


Building a community not only boosts your brand’s image but also helps you create long-lasting relationships with your customers. Here’s a quick summary of how communities help in supercharging your customer service:

– Builds your customers trust in your brand and increases the authority
– Provides a platform for customers to interact and turns helpful advice into discussions
– Acts as social proof for the customer service your brand provides
– Brings in a lot of discussions around your brand and increases recommendations

Be it a blog, an answer board, or a forum, fostering a community goes a long way in boosting your customer service.

Does your brand have an active community? If yes, how does it improve your customer service? Let us know in the comments below!