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Celebrating Customer Service at Freshworks

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Customer Service Week is celebrated every year during the first week of October. This year, with our customer support team having scaled to an 80-member team, we wanted to go the extra mile to celebrate their contribution.

We know what some of you are probably thinking – “Why Customer Service Week? Customer service reps should be appreciated through the year for their contribution, shouldn’t they? You don’t need a special day, or a week, to celebrate their efforts.”

You’re right, we agree with you. Recognizing your support team’s contributions to your business should not be restricted to a special event. After all, it’s the support team that serves as the face of a company.

When people talk about their great experiences with a company, they’re referring to their experiences with customer support. Hence, it is important that the people who work in such a crucial role enjoy their work through the year. That’s why, today, we wanted to share the little ways in which our support agents keep themselves motivated every single day. These are small efforts that go a long way in creating a happy work environment.  

Appreciate the Small Wins

As someone who has worked in customer support, I can tell that nothing comes close to uplifting a support agent’s spirit as much as great feedback from a customer can. It becomes easy to get through a rough day when a customer acknowledges our efforts with appreciation and love. It makes our day.

That’s why, at Freshworks, we love celebrating these moments with our agents. When an agent receives a high satisfaction rating in our Freshdesk account, everyone in the team is automatically notified. When customers give great feedback, we share it on our Workplace account ( a social media tool for businesses by Facebook), for the entire company to see.

customer service When your customer service reps receive great feedback, make it a moment worthy of celebration. After all, recognition works as one of the best motivators. Never hesitate to put your agents in the limelight– make them walk the red carpet.

Take Breaks from Work

Since our support team works 24×7, they have to ensure that they’re available during their shifts. While taking breaks, some people from the team stay back at their desks in case a customer issue pops up. In fact, more often than not, our support teams even work on holidays.

Despite these constraints, the different support teams always manage to take breaks from work every once in a while starting from simple team dinners, birthday parties to a long vacation. They also use these opportunities to bond as a team.

customer service customer service Make Everyday Work Fun

Dale Carnegie says that “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing” in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People. At Freshworks, when we aren’t busy with work, we’re often having discussions on our Workplace account. These discussions mostly revolve around product updates, internal news, and events. In addition, we have a few groups just to have light-hearted conversations. Our favorite is Freshmemes—a group where we post support-related memes. It’s a place for support teams to get creative and have a good laugh during work.

customer service Another example is a post by a support agent asking people to call out what they thought were biases against customer service. This post was trending on Workplace for over a week!

customer service We might be biased, but our founder’s comment was our favorite.

customer service weekKeep the Team Spirit Alive

Our support team actively uses the gamification feature on Freshdesk that awards points to agents depending on the speed and volume of work done. Agents in different support teams compete against each other every month to earn the best scores. Because of this, every agent is motivated to work well to earn points for their team.

customer service Make Use of Opportunities to Celebrate

The customer support teams at Freshworks influence the products that we build, share their insights with other teams, and ultimately contribute to our growth. Because of this, different departments in the company wanted to use Customer Service Week as an opportunity to host an event in celebration of our support teams.

On the last day of Customer Service Week, we surprised our support agents with a special event to celebrate their work. It started with leaders from different teams sharing their gratitude towards the support teams.

customer service

We didn’t want to stop with that, we wanted to make it even more personal. Every support agent received a card with notes from managers and teammates, thanking them for their efforts and contributions to the team.

customer service

The size of our support team has almost doubled in the last year. As we grow bigger, we’re always thinking of new ways to motivate agents and make work enjoyable. Celebrating Customer Service Week was one such idea. How does your company celebrate your customer support team’s achievements? What do you do to create a happy work environment for them? Tweet to us @freshdesk or let us know in the comments below.

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