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What makes for a good support agent?

The Internet brings up a lot of answers. Empathy. Technical skills. Patience. Problem-solving skills.

All good and upstanding qualities that you’ll find in great support reps. But you know what never figures on the list? Knowledge of jargon.

Some jobs require you to know your field inside out – to know terms, to know concepts, strategies and ideologies, to read thick books filled with incomprehensible terms to get a foot in.

Customer support, at the heart of it, is not one of those fields. Knowledge of jargon does not define how good an agent you are. However, you can’t just discard jargon as ultimately superfluous because it is part and parcel of a helpdesk software and understanding the software is key to doing a good job.

Understanding the jargon helps you deliver exceptional support experiences by using the helpdesk efficiently.

If only there was a glossary that would break it down for you, a glossary that allowed you to explore the jargon-filled world of customer support without getting overwhelmed, a compilation of the most popular customer support terms out there…

The Ultimate Customer Support Glossary

If that’s what you were on the lookout for, you’ve certainly come to the right place. We compiled a list of jargon used in a day to day life of a support agent, and what they mean, into a neat little glossary. From tickets to SLA, from agent to resolution time, we have it all.

Support glossary homepage

So the next time you come across a term that you have difficulty understanding, just go to Customer Support Glossary and search for it. You can find its definition and all the terms related to it.

The Ultimate Customer Support Quiz

Now, no lesson is complete without a test, is it?

Whether you are starting out as an agent or a support manager, whether you just moved from email to helpdesk or you’re a helpdesk expert, know how well you know customer support and helpdesk by taking this quick quiz. And don’t forget to share your score in the comments section when you are done (for added fun).

Support glossary - quiz

We need your help

Customer support and helpdesk terms are subjective, so this glossary is by no means complete. For it to become truly ultimate, it needs more insight from more people in the field, people who’ve fought in the trenches. People like you.

So, if you think we’ve gotten something wrong or if you think the glossary needs a new term, just click on the “suggest term” button and tell us what it means. We, and pretty much every other person reading this glossary, will be eternally grateful.



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