Deliver a Winning Customer Experience with the Freshdesk – Splashtop Integration

Customer Experience (CX) is increasingly becoming the single most important factor which can sway customer loyalty. That means that even if you have a better product, you can lose market share to your competitor, who provides a better experience to the customer at every touchpoint through the customer lifecycle. That includes during trial, purchase, support, renewals, or product usage. With digital transformation shaping businesses in the last decade, our reliance on IT is accelerating. IT is already embedded in business processes, our culture, and thus customer experiences. That means IT support drives today’s customer experience, and it is THE competitive advantage for a business to have!

Challenges to Effective IT Support 

So if CX is such a big deal today, why is a happy customer experience not commonplace?  

Companies today are grappling with issues of staffing and effectively using the right tools and processes to support their businesses. IT teams are challenged with the requirement of 24/7 support, anytime and from anywhere. This creates logistical issues around the different time zones, dealing with the churn of technicians and ensuring they are up-to-date on the latest products and services. Building an omnichannel service delivery is necessary today. However, for a support team without the right tools, aggregating and responding effectively to requests from email, phone, chat, social media, and other channels is no joke. The sheer number of tickets they have to deal with is daunting! 

Dealing with the Challenges

What can companies do better to enable their representatives to deliver successful customer experiences?

1. Identify customer touchpoints

First and foremost, companies must identify the various touchpoints they have with their customers – right from the time customers begin researching the product to the time they become paying customers. This includes identifying the several channels – email, phone, social media, chat, and so on that they want to make available to their customers at different stages of the customer lifecycle.

2. Identify and gather essential customer information

To prevent repetition of the same information, companies need to decide what customer data needs to be collected at each of the touchpoints. Details like who the customer is, the need he/she is trying to find a solution for, what’s important to them, what were their earlier touchpoints and so on should be available to every representative customers interact with.

3. Integrate various customer-facing functions

Companies must strive to portray the brand and what it stands for, uniformly, irrespective of the representative, and channel. To do this, the various functions that are customer-facing like sales, account managers, customer support, and so on, need to be integrated. This involves a systematic knowledge share process, an onboarding process as well as tools to facilitate collaboration across distributed teams.

4. Create a collaborative IT Ecosystem

Building a highly integrated IT system consisting of marketing tools, sales outreach tools, CRMs, feedback channels, and so on is key to delivering that winning customer experience. Platforms like Freshworks aim to integrate omnichannel and provide a single point for customer interaction. This gives us all the customer-related information a representative would need to know to provide effective customer service. Having all customer touchpoints in one place enables a company to deliver a seamless customer experience. 

Moreover, remote access and remote support solutions like Splashtop enable representatives to quickly remote into the users’ computers and resolve issues or requests in a single interaction. Traditional means of resolving issues over email, phone, chat, or in-person are time consuming and inefficient. Customers today are very sensitive to response times and expect the issue to be resolved in one interaction. Now more than ever, they expect closer to 100% availability. Splashtop enables support teams to reduce the time it takes to resolve a customer request and helps them meet their Service Level Agreements.

A Successful Outcome

If a company has successfully executed the above four steps, a customer service representative has everything he/she needs to deliver a successful experience. Let’s take, for example, you, a Freshdesk user. You receive a ticket from the customer. It is a high priority ticket and has a quick response time attached to it. You have everything you need to know about the customer since essential information was recorded at every interaction. This helps you understand the customer issue better and identify possible solutions. Now, all you need is a quick way to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. That’s where Splashtop comes in. 

You open the ticket and click on Splashtop to start a remote session and connect to the computer. Your customer simply needs to run a small application for you to remote control the computer, troubleshoot and resolve the issue in one interaction. Splashtop also records this touchpoint by automatically logging the session details within the ticket. It is the most secure, reliable, and fastest way to respond to and execute your customer’s requests. 

In this way, Freshdesk and Splashtop form an essential part of the IT Ecosystem that enables companies to deliver that winning customer experience.

Integration Requirements

Freshdesk license 

Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) subscription

Why Splashtop?

High performance: Splashtop SOS uses the same high-performance engine that powers our award-winning consumer products used by millions. Enjoy HD quality and fast connections.

Robust security: All remote sessions are protected by security features including TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication, and two-step verification. Connections, file transfers, and management events are logged. Learn more about SOC 2, GDPR, and HIPAA standards compliance.

Best value: Splashtop offers better features at the best price! You can save up to 90% as compared to other remote support solutions like TeamViewer, LogMeIn Rescue, and BeyondTrust.


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