Now your field team can be productive anywhere and anytime with Freshdesk’s offline mode

Field service providers routinely receive calls for help from remote places. At Freshdesk, we see our customers responding to field service requests daily and delivering solutions in person—be it fixing a customer’s car or setting up an internet connection for a dairy farm, businesses use Freshdesk Field Service Management to improve lives in a variety of situations. 

But when field representatives travel to remote locations such as an offshore oil rig or a solar farm, there is no guarantee that they’ll have network connectivity there. Having no internet connectivity and being disconnected from the helpdesk can adversely affect your field teams in the following ways:

  • Lack of context can affect their quality of service
  • Lack of information can affect the time it takes to deliver a solution
  • Lack of contextual information such as problem details, or recommended toolset may require your field team to visit multiple times to solve the same issue. 

Customers expect their issues to be solved on the first visit. Field supervisors demand high first-time-to-fix rates, a key performance indicator for field service organizations. 

For field technicians to deliver the high-quality service expected of them, it is more important than ever that they have access to the information they need at all times. 

That’s why we built Offline Availability for Freshdesk Field Service Management. 

FSM app

Introducing Offline Availability for field technicians

With Offline Availability, field technicians can access their service tasks and task-related information from anywhere without having to worry about network connectivity issues. This feature is available on the Freshdesk apps for iOS and Android. 

Status bar at bottom of the app notifies you are offline

This feature enables your field technicians to access:

  • Comprehensive schedule information: So your field technicians know what their next task is, when their next appointment is scheduled for, and where to navigate even if they are offline.  
  • In-depth task information: Field technicians can access task descriptions and task properties offline so they have the full context of the problem.

Say a field mechanic is dispatched to tow a customer’s car and fix its engine. If they lose connectivity along the way, with the new offline availability feature for Field Service Management, they can still:

  • Identify the task they need to handle,
  • Locate and navigate to the service area provided their navigation app supports offline mode as well, 
  • Refer to information available on the service task and provide solutions on-site based on the context.

When mobile connectivity is established, the Freshdesk mobile app informs field technicians that they can refresh the app. This ensures that they have the latest data available on the device. 

So if your field technicians constantly find themselves losing connectivity or cut off from the helpdesk, check out Offline Availability for Freshdesk Field Service Management. Sign up here to try today!

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