How to Handle Positive Reviews on Social Media

Usually, it’s negative reviews that businesses worry about handling. Nobody wants a bad rap. Most companies have entire customer service teams or help desks that help them resolve conflict. But what about the positive reviews that people give your brand? Should you just ignore them? The answer is no. By ignoring positivity, you’re missing out on a chance to provide social proof about your brand to everyone that interacts with it. You can use positive reviews to boost your reputation quickly, which will push people into trusting you with their purchases. Here’s how.

Why your response to positive reviews is important

62.7% of consumers believe that online reviews are “important” or “very important” when choosing a local business. But 63.3% of consumers have never heard back from a business after leaving a review.

Positive reviews social mediaIf you aren’t responding to positive reviews, it’s time you start doing it. Especially since such a large percentage of customers take reviews into consideration when making a purchase decision with a local business.Positive reviews social mediaBut if you aren’t used to flagging positive reviews, how can you find them?


How to find positive reviews

If you want to uncover positive reviews, you have to discover the potential of listening on social media. This refers to sifting through @replies and keywords to find mentions and words that relate to your brand or your products. Use a social listening tool to make it easy. With this tool, there’s no need to look through reviews, since the service ranks them as positive, neutral, or negative for you. You can use social listening tools to receive any social mention of their brand as a customer support ticket, so no searching is necessary. Positive reviews social media
When you come across a raving review, reach out to the person who wrote it. Start off by thanking the customer for their kind words.

Thank the customer

When someone gives you a compliment, your first instinct is probably to thank them. The same thing applies to your customers. When you see a gleaming review, the first step is to give thanks and invite the customer to do business with you again. All it takes is a simple shoutout online, like this one from McCarthy Cars.

Positive reviews social mediaThis creates a dialog between you and the buyer and builds trust since you’re thanking them for their loyalty to their brand. Positive reviews social mediaOnce you thank the customer, share their review for everyone to see it.

Share the review

When you receive a great review, you should shout it from the rooftops. Add it to your website for all to see. If you want, you can even add a “Reviews” section to your site so that visitors will have easy access. Positive reviews social mediaOnce they click the tab, they’ll find a collection of praise for your brand.

Positive reviews social mediaThis will encourage them that they can trust you and do business with you. You can also re-post gleaming reviews on social media. Here’s how A Genie’s Dream shared a review about their products to Facebook.Positive reviews social mediaOnce you’ve collected a few great reviews, send them out to your email subscribers or collect even more by creating a branded hashtag. Fashion Nova uses the tag #NovaBabe to identify positive reviews. Create a similar tag that showcases your brand voice. Positive reviews social mediaThen, when users share positive posts about your products, you’ll be able to locate them easily by searching the tag. Positive reviews social mediaOnce you’ve racked up some 5-star reviews, ask for more!

Encourage more reviews

There’s no such thing as too many positive reviews. Ask your followers for reviews on social media or in your email newsletter. Positive reviews social mediaGive them the chance to be featured on your page with your tag, which will encourage them to share for a chance at the spotlight. You could even offer an incentive for reviews, like a giveaway or a chance for the winner to become a brand ambassador. Positive reviews social mediaConclusion

Negative reviews can break a brand. But positive reviews can make one. By ignoring positive reviews, you’re missing out on a huge chance to let your customers do your marketing for you. Chances are that there are already plenty of them about your company already out there. All you have to do is find them. Use social listening tools to get started.

Once you find some positive reviews, thank the customer that wrote them. Ask them to do business with you again in the future and let them know how much you appreciate them. Next, be sure to share the review on your website and social media. From there, encourage customers to share even more reviews that you can interact with and repost.

How many positive reviews about your company are waiting for your response right now?