The Predictive Power Of AI And How To Leverage It For Customer Support

Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have revolutionized the business sector. Automation allows for concise, timely, and accurate service, which is in demand from a society accustomed to instant gratification.

The predictive power of artificial intelligence allows businesses to improve upon their service. The end result is a fast, reliable, and effective customer service department, powered by AI and backed up by human agents.

AI technology can field the more common requests that usually clog up a customer service department’s phone lines, so customer support teams can use their  time and money on more complicated issues that require human attention.

But how can you take advantage of the predictive power of AI and leverage it to improve on your customer service department?

Read on and find out.

Brand Ambassador

AI systems can deliver messages to customers instantly when they reach out. This makes them the perfect brand ambassador to accurately portray your message every time.

Many AI programs can personalize messages based on customer identity, which is a great initiative designed to make a user feel welcomed.


Chatbots can work through messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, communicating with your customers in real time, constantly towing the company line and delivering your brand message flawlessly.

This kind of communication has recently made a splash in the fashion, airline, and tourism industries. E-commerce companies have had some success with it as well.

Using these chat-enabled AI brand ambassadors, customers can Interact with their favorite brands and book flights or hotels without ever connecting to a live person. While it is true that live service representatives are still needed for more complicated issues, it is helpful to have AI bots fielding simple issues to enable human agents to spend their time on problems that they are required  for.

Intuitive Support Interfaces

Artificial Intelligence can use its predictive abilities to anticipate the needs of customers, creating an intuitive support system.


How do they do this? AI bots learn from context and chat history. Using this data, they learn how to define customer behavior patterns like anger or frustration to identify potentially problematic issues.

AI programs process gathered information and learn from it. They can analyze customer pain points, preferences, and decisions in order to respond instantly with solutions and recommendations.

AI chatbots earlier were only capable of giving form responses, but now, with predictive intuition, they can  give suggestions personalized to a customer’s needs. This also allows them to provide proactive support and address problems that normally lead to complaints.

Support Across Multiple Channels

AI can be implemented across the board and is an effective way to move customers along to the proper service channel without having to entrust the task to a human operator.

If customers need a certain department for their issue, an AI-powered tool can send them there instantly, either with the press of a button or by responding to verbal commands. This helps make the whole system seamless for customers.

There are no more transfers and hold times between different departments when using this service.

This is not only helpful for the customer, but to customer support agents as well. It helps relieve the pressure on these individuals and eliminates the mad rush and anxiety of having to leave someone on hold for prolonged periods of time.

Constantly Improving Through Machine Learning

Frequent issues that are consistently resolved within a company can be learned by AI bots through a series of machine learning improvements.


Thanks to machine learning, the resolution process can be faster for customers by allowing AI to handle certain issues in place of a human agent.

AI bots can be introduced into call centres so companies can reduce hold times by suggesting solutions to customers before transferring them to an agent.

The AI can sense human behavior and understand verbal responses. Furthermore, the bot can make suggestions to agents as well while transferring a call, improving their ability to support customers in the process.

24/7 Service

Another great benefit of artificial intelligence is its ability to provide service to customers 24 hours a day seven days a week. When using an AI system you have service around the clock.

There are no wait times when dealing with an AI support system, as customers will enjoy quick resolutions for problems and quick escalation to human agents when needed. The end result is an improved level of commitment to quality service that helps improve the reputation of a business.

Increased Insight

Thanks to the increased insight of AI systems, these bots can make predictions about the wants and needs of customers. Using the predictive power of artificial intelligence, companies will be able to accurately guess the actions of customers based on their choices and activity.

This allows the AI to suggest the next best action for human agents by learning which solutions to specific problems yield the best results. This is a great way to help new agents learn the customer support ropes and serves as an excellent opportunity for AI and human employees to work together.

In Conclusion

While popular culture often paints artificial intelligence as a threat to human life, in reality, it represents a vast improvement to the overall functionality of a business and its ability to serve customers efficiently.

By embracing the predictive power of artificial intelligence, businesses all over the world can provide a valuable training opportunity for their human agents. Artificial intelligence can also drastically improve the customer experience, which ultimately leads to a more profitable company.