Top Hits of 2018 from the Freshdesk Blog

The year 2018 has been extremely remarkable for us. We revamped our content strategy and started publishing quality articles like there’s no tomorrow. This resulted in our readership reaching a new high and we would like to celebrate our success with you by sharing our top hits. For your convenience, I have put them into separate categories which are:

– Improving customer support

– The best of secret sauce series

– Know your customers

– Behind the scenes of Freshdesk

Here’s why each of these articles got the likes of many and why you should read them too (if you haven’t already).

Improving Customer Support

A 5-Step Guide to Choose the Right Helpdesk Software

If email isn’t cutting it as a support solution for your business; maybe, you’re building your customer support team or launching a startup of your own — whatever the reason, you will need a robust customer support software to run your support efficiently. If you are not sure which to choose, here’s an easy-to-use guide.

Key Takeaways:

– Analyze your customer and team expectations

– Learn what to look for in a helpdesk solution

– How to shortlist and decide on a helpdesk

5 Practical Tips to Make Self-service Customer Support AI Ready

Businesses have started introducing chatbots into their self-service customer support. But, for your bot to function at its best, your knowledge base needs to be up to date and better optimized for search. Here’s how to build a knowledge base that makes your chatbot smart and efficient.

Key Takeaways:

– Sketch out your customer personas to create content that adds value to them

– Identify your customer problems at each phase of their purchase journey

– Follow a content structure that allows the bot to scan the content easily

– Constantly update the content to make it accurate, current and relevant

Customer Service During the Holiday Rush — A Complete Guide

Handling a large volume of customer issues can be difficult for any support team. This only gets more stressful during holidays as customer service queries increase by 75%. If you are gearing up to manage the avalanche of customer inquiries, here’s a complete kit for support people specially made to deal with the holiday season.

Key Takeaways:

– How to use past holiday trends to gather insights

– Get seasonal hires if needed

– Be proactive and anticipate your customer needs

– Use canned responses to speed up responses

8 Ideas for Training your Customer Support Team

The best way to make sure that your customer support staff are all ready for their roles is to give them the training and the necessary resources to work with. The next question you would have is how to train your team. Here are a few curated tips to help you achieve your goals of a well-trained customer support team.

Key Takeaways:

– Get the new hires to use the product to gain a greater understanding

– Make use of team building exercises to create rapport among your team

– Get your team to write mock emails and give feedback to improve communication skills

7 Types of Customer Support Agents [Infographic]

We don’t live in an ideal world and not everyone is cut out for customer support. But, we found out that those who are customer support agents fall into one of the seven personality types. After reading the infographic, I got to know that I’m a ‘Jack of all trades’ personality. What are you?

6 Simple Tips to Write a Good Support Email (with email templates)

You got mails. Lots and lots of support emails. Just when you are trying not to miss the mark, you end up sending the wrong link to someone or addressing them by the wrong name. Sounds terrifying, right? It needs more than good grammar to craft a great support email. So, what’s that you need exactly? This article : )

How to Say No in Customer Service (with email templates)

No — a two letter word that is surprisingly difficult to choke out. We’d rather say yes when we should be saying no. That’s because as human beings we are afraid of conflict.

This gets even tougher when it comes to customer support. While it’s important to keep our customers happy, it doesn’t necessarily translate to saying yes to everything. In this article, we share a few hacks on how to say no to customers. In fact, some of those hacks work like magic in real life too.

How to Write a Perfect Knowledge Base Article

With self-service being the preferred support channel for customers, you cannot afford to do without a knowledge base. Also, if you plan to implement a chatbot, it’s mandatory that you set up a kbase as chatbots are heavily dependent on it.

The key is to keep the knowledge base simple and easy to read for both humans and bots alike. And, this article helps you crack just that.

How to Apologize to Customers

When you run into angry customers who’re having a difficult time with your product or service, an apology with an acknowledgment of the mistake is a must. But, template apology responses that lack empathy and concern will do your business more harm than good. So, how do you frame the perfect apology? Here’s what distinguishes a good apology from a bad one.

Key Takeaways:

– When the customer contacts support, make sure to get a complete context of the problem

– Craft an apology that answers the customer’s question directly

– Set the right expectations on resolution time

How to Write a Kickass Customer Service Resume [with Template and Cover Sample]

If you are serious about getting a job in customer service, the first thing you have to do is prepare a great resume. This article offers tips on how to structure your resume, cover letter and also explains about beating ATS. Bonus – it has a list of job boards too.

Key Takeaways:

– For resume design, pick a format that doesn’t make your resume look dense and wordy

– Include references from peer or manager to strengthen your resume

– Use a tool to do a basic grammar check or ask a friend to look it over

16 Customer Service Skills That Every Employee Needs

Great customer service is an important factor that will determine the future of your business. Even the smallest mistakes while handling a customer may cost you big. This article talks about the 16 most important traits that will help you achieve a satisfied and happy customer.

7 Skills Every Customer Service Manager Needs

From having to deal with the toughest issues to keeping the customer satisfaction from dwindling down, the role of a Customer Service Manager is a challenge to take on. It’s the extra few skills that make a good customer service manager who can be the difference between a team that delivers a memorable customer experience and the one that just answers customer questions.

4 Steps to Develop Your Career in Support

Customer support is an exciting career path with endless possibilities. If you are considering it or unsure of where to start here’s a great guide for you.

Key Takeaways:

If you are new to the job, build relationships with your colleagues and know your customers
Find out what you like/dislike doing and narrow down what’s valuable to you

– Make a wishlist of your targets and work towards them

Important Customer Service Phrases You Should And Shouldn’t Be Using

Be it phone calls or emails, you need to use the right language of customer service to make your customer happy. In addition, you should know which phrases to avoid during customer conversations. This infographic covers both dos and don’ts thereby coming in handy during conflict resolution. Make sure you bookmark it.

Top 13 Books You Should Be Reading Right Now if You are in Customer Service

Working in customer service is about so much more than knowing the product you’re supporting. This article has got our top choices for books on customer experience, writing skills, and personal development to help any agent reflect on their work and grow in their position.

TED Talks Every Customer-facing Employee Should Listen To

Here are nine TED talks that revolve around us and our surroundings ranging from hate mails to tech to daily conversations. These talks will give you a different perspective on customer support. And, the best part is we will keep updating as we find new gems.

The Best of Secret Sauce Series

How Customer Support is done by User Community

Mozilla does not have a customer support team, at least not in the official sense — there is no phone line or email address you can use. Here’s what Mozilla has to say about its community-powered program named SUMO that empowers users to ask questions, get answers, and share tips about their product.

How Just One Person Handles Support for 15 Million Users

Smallpdf caters its compression tool to over 15 million monthly users in 20 different languages. Hung from Smallpdf talks about their core values and how they handle customer support.

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Be human, Be There for the Customer

Feedly has got some awesome customer support ‘heroes’ who handle about 40-60 questions per day. This secret sauce interview deals with how they prioritize, stay focused, and handle support for around 9 million users.

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Know Your Customers

Ever wondered what goes on in your customer’s head?

Most companies fail to recognize the underlying factors that influence how customers rate their support. To truly delight your customers, you have to understand how they think and what drives them. The key drivers of customer experience are needed to leverage each piece of information to create more customer happiness. We talked about it in length (but in two parts).

Key Takeaways:

Part 1

– How you greet your customer will set the tone for the rest of the conversation

– Respect your customers and acknowledges their feelings about the issue

– Create personalized customer experiences

– Showing too many options for a customer during their purchase journey leads to the paradox of choice

Part 2

– Going out of your way to do something nice for your customer creates a subconscious need in them to return the favor

– Make sure you do everything you possibly can to match your customer’s expectations

– Empathize with the customer and calm them down before moving on to conflict resolution

The Craft of Designing Surveys for Customers

Surveys are more than just feedback forms. They gauge your customer experience which is why designing a good survey needs efforts. If you don’t want your customers to leave the survey midway because it’s mentally exhausting, this article will be of great help to design great surveys.

Key Takeaways:

– Create questions that are relatable to the participants

– Respect your customers’ time and keep the surveys short

– Time your survey based on when the participant won’t be too busy to take it

What 100 Calls with Customers Taught Me About UX Research

If you are serious about building a great product that people will use, you need to work closely with your users. That’s why UX (User Experience) research is an important investment in any design process. It helps you understand how people navigate your product, perform tasks, and achieve goals that are important to them.

Key Takeaways:

– Begin every customer conversation by putting the focus on product user

– If you plan to survey selective customers, reach out to their primary inboxes instead of creating a campaign

– Share your learnings with the organization

– Close the loop with customers if there were any unresolved questions during previous conversation

– Engage with customers on a regular basis to win their trust

Behind the Scenes of Freshdesk

Freshdesk, as a product, has grown leaps and bounds in 2018 with cool features releasing from time to time. Many readers (though not customers) were eager to read about those features and we couldn’t be more excited to put all our favorites in one place.

How Freshdesk is Turbo-charging Your Social Support with AI

Social signals is Freshdesk’s first AI feature. The AI in Social Signals is trying to answer a simple question — when a user @mentions a brand on Twitter, is he or she trying to elicit a response from the brand or just ‘mentioning’ it in passing? This article can help you clear all your doubts about how the feature works behind-the-scenes.

Customer 360: Get a Better Picture of Your Customers from Inside Freshdesk

At Freshdesk, we want to make sure you know everything you need to understand your customers and get back to them as fast as you can. To make this easier for you, here are three new ways to help you get a full picture of your customers right into Freshdesk.

Freshdesk Sandbox: Making Change Simple

Every change on our Freshdesk account was a task that required careful planning and execution to ensure existing workflows aren’t affected. However, Freshdesk’s Sandbox allows you to create a replica of your live Freshdesk account. Here’s an article that tells how Sandbox helps making change easier in Freshdesk account.

What Makes a Product Great — Usability or Aesthetics?

Visual design and usability are not rivals. They are the order of things in which we need to design products i.e., rather than being just a decoration, a product’s visual design must be built upon good usability. Here’s what our designer has got to say about both these from a product perspective.

That’s all folks! Stay tuned for more such inspirational content on customer support from us.