A Unified View of All Customer Interactions

Freshdesk unifies all the customer interactions from multiple channels into a single chronological timeline of activities to help agents get quicker context about the customer.

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Understand your customers better

Trace your customer’s entire journey to understand their preferences and empower agents to assist them accordingly. You can also set up automation rules to proactively reach out to your customers and win them over!

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Enrich the timeline with relevant information

With the help of our activities API, pull in key customer information from third-party apps into the customer timeline, so your agents are always in the know.

Custom Reports Custom Reports

Bring your own source!

Accommodate offline customer interactions within the omnichannel timeline by creating custom sources specific to your business, like a store walk-in or kiosk inquiry. Offer consistent support, both online and offline, with a 360-degree view of your customer’s journey.

Ticket Volume Trends Ticket Volume Trends