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“One of my favourite things about Freshdesk is that it just works - you don't have to be trained in using the ticketing system. Everything's very intuitive.”
Douglas Anderson, Lesley University Why Lesley University loves Freshdesk?

The perfect customer support solution for fast growing businesses

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Don't take our word for it.
Here's what our customers say about us.

"We now have a flexible support environment that fits our goals."

James crawford READ CASE STUDY

"With ticket execution and efficiency, we've improved 100%."

Robert Everett READ CASE STUDY

"It was really easy to improve our self-service experience across multiple products, with Freshdesk. I didn’t have to jump around to 30 different places to set it up, it was all right there in one place."

Debbie McCormick READ CASE STUDY

"Using Freshdesk has been an unmitigated success—it’s deployed on multiple teams and departments and there’s been no pushback"


"Moving to Freshdesk has helped our corporate IT team greatly reduce Resolution Time for service requests from our remote retail stores"

Adam Thiele

"With Freshdesk, we have the luxury of having email, portal, phone and most importantly, Mobihelp under one roof. This is the best feature of Freshdesk for us."


"We recommend Freshdesk because it’s great and their agents are determined to make it fit their customer’s needs. Freshdesk is our primary digital way of talking with our customers. We always know where a question is and we can now act when a customer isn't responded to in time."


"Freshdesk was very easy to setup and learn. There has been a huge increase in efficiency among agents after it was implemented. I’ll say that we have the best ahead of us. We are very satisfied with Freshdesk and I have already recommended it to many other e-merchants."


"We’d like to keep Freshdesk to ourselves and hope our competitors don't find it. We’d like to keep the competitive advantage. When things go wrong, there is someone always on hand to help. We’re really really happy that we found you!"

Andy Hawthorne

"I am an advocate of staying operationally efficient. I am not a big fan of growing the team. I am interested in doing more with less, so I would like to have a small team that is highly efficient. Freshdesk is the right tool for this.!"

Mikel Schwarz

"It is not just a helpdesk with a bunch of buttons. Freshdesk is now a part of PosterGully, helping us grow. It is very intuitive and you know exactly where to find what you need. They have balanced the design wonderfully between leaving the features in and still making the UI as minimal as possible."


“We’ve been looking for several years for a customer service platform that lets us streamline our conversations with the public, Freshdesk just make things easy and it has everything we were looking for. Its features help us concentrate more on saving the Earth than responding to the same questions everyday."

Trey Granger

“We required a customer support platform that would allow us to scale efficiently, whilst still offering a second-to-none service to our customers. Freshdesk has given us that platform, and will remain a vital part to our service strategy as we continue to grow."

Tim Ager

“Our advice for other companies is simply this - if you offer services in other countries and manage your own support team, Freshdesk is the best solution for you. Their team of qualified and supportive programmers change customer dreams into reality."

Jana Kalasova

“Setting up and configuring even dedicated helpdesks for each of our products is super easy. If you need a way of helping customers help themselves as well as contact you for further assistance, Freshdesk gives you the tools to make this process quick and easy"

Daniel Orr

"Freshdesk absolutely decreased our stress and time spent on support, and improved our response time and quality. Customers often came back and told us how thrilled they were to be dealing with a "real person". Growing with Freshdesk was easy because we could develop it as we developed and use it to improve our service every day"

Chantal Laurens READ CASE STUDY

"We chose Freshdesk for its simplicity and its in-depth integration with Google Apps has made it an essential tool in our operations. Freshdesk is simple and fun to use. The mobile apps provide a lot of freedom for those on the move. We intend to roll it out to a few more countries soon and are focusing on integrating it deeper with our Google Apps."

Benjamin Tillier READ CASE STUDY

"From chaos, we now have order. This wouldn't have been possible without Freshdesk. Prior to Freshdesk, we had no real way to track metrics. Now, with the help of reports from Freshdesk, we can quickly track our biggest issues and fix them every week"

George Cremeans READ CASE STUDY

“Freshdesk has made our goal of providing world class customer support to small business customers a reality. Its ability to stream requests from all channels into one has helped us support our customers twice as fast. Our customers have never been happier!"

Daniel Jones

“Freshdesk has helped boost our support to a whole new level. Thanks to multiple product support and integration of social channels, we have never had it easier. The best part is now everything comes down to one easy flow of support requests!"

Martin Blakeway

"Thanks to Freshdesk’s integration with our Google Apps, we’ve been able to streamline multiple operations such as our project management and issue tracking tools, bringing our customer satisfaction rate to 99%. We are now excited about trying Freshdesk’s Google Hangouts and Calendar integrations."

Mitch Greenwald READ CASE STUDY

“Freshdesk is our first customer support tool and it will be the last for as far as we can see. Since Freshdesk, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in our customer satisfaction, especially during the sales and support cycles. It gives us everything we want, in a simple and affordable package"

Ramesh Srinivasan

"We were blown away when we saw Freshdesk. The combination of social, email, knowledge base, mobile, and gamification sealed the deal for us"

Charles Cooper READ CASE STUDY

“Freshdesk is innovative, spunky and very much in line with us. It’s an intuitive experience that makes support a sheer pleasure"


“Freshdesk allows us to provide world class support - no delays, no lost e-mails or forgotten tweets. Thanks to the automation features and a sophisticated multi-channel ticket management system, everything is under control."

Marcin Kurylak

“With Freshdesk, we no longer have to focus on collecting the information. We’re able to make confident decisions on our data analysis. The investment is justifiable in terms of insights, time saved and customer relationships!"


“With no preexisting canned responses, or FAQ, our customer service team was spending an exorbitant amount of resource answering the same questions over and over again. By centralizing everything using Freshdesk, we immediately saw a time savings of about 40%"

Ryan Foreman

“Freshdesk had all our ‘must have’ functions and moreover, was accessible from a very fresh and easy to use GUI. I have looked at similar products and in my view, Freshdesk was the best value for money. This is exactly what we were looking for and it lives up to its name, it’s very fresh"

Alec Farquharson

"We had practically no control before. Even slight changes took 24 hours to be implemented. But now, if we wanted to, we could set up a call center in 15 minutes. We’re paying a bit more for Freshdesk than our old provider but the service is better so it’s worth it. We’re better off in terms of productivity and that’s all that matters."

Huzefa Motorwala READ CASE STUDY

“Our company was able to start using Freshdesk immediately and setting everything up took less than two hours. We haven't used all the features yet but we have been very impressed with all the changes we have implemented. Our team of 20 killed off all old email group mailboxes, 1 tracking system and all hallway conversations. Freshdesk offers fantastic support."

Alin Florea

“With Freshdesk we realized reduced customer support incoming, less work to answer each incoming item, far less time overall, a better quality of outgoing customer service, and happier customers as a result.”

Howard Tomlinson READ CASE STUDY

“We adopted Freshdesk because it is a highly adaptable solution with a lot of metrics that allows us to track and follow up our customers and agents efficiently.”

Christophe Tomborski READ CASE STUDY

"After implementing Freshdesk, the first call resolution data is accurate. A major plus is that when a ticket is reopened, it counts back against first call resolution -- this is a big deal in terms of driving agent behavior."

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