Why do shared inboxes fail?

Using email for customer support is difficult. You require complex folder structures or colour-coded tags to track issues, and as ticket volumes increase, collaboration becomes a nightmare.

Before long, managing multiple mailboxes for different teams and products causes your efficiency to take the hit.

Here’s how Freshdesk makes customer support easier

Track, prioritize, and follow-up on customer requests from one place. This will help your support team deliver faster, more efficient customer support.

  • Assign ownership: Each inquiry gets assigned as a ticket in Freshdesk to a member of your team. They become the owner of the ticket and will be responsible for its course of action.
  • Prioritize tickets: Get each ticket prioritized based on their exigency into four categories - Urgent, High, Medium, and Low.
  • Set deadlines: Set standards of performance for each inquiry that comes in. Service level agreements (SLAs) act as customized timers for each inquiry. 
  • Engage on any channel: Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, phone, chat, messaging (WhatsApp), or even through your website. Get a consolidated view of all customer inquiries.

Customer support is so much more intuitive with Freshdesk

Automate workflows for efficiency

Automate tasks like tagging and assigning tickets so you can focus on fixing your customers’ problems.

Collaborate to resolve issues faster

Get help on issues from teammates even as you work on tickets, with Freshdesk’s in-built discussion pane.

Use data to drive decisions

Track the right metrics to understand how quickly your team is resolving issues or when they’re the busiest.

Power Up Your Support Team

Shared helpdesk portal  

Freshdesk provides dedicated inbox views and logins for each member of your team. In addition, they can also filter emails based on various parameters and work on them.

640+ Freshdesk apps and integrations

With a wide selection of apps, you can connect your Freshdesk to any other tool you use - be it CRM, invoicing software, collaboration tools, and more - to extend Freshdesk's capabilities and integrate it into your daily workflow better.

Prevent repetitive assistance

Deflect tickets with repetitive questions to free up your team’s bandwidth by using solution articles and canned responses. With Freshdesk, no two agents will be working on the same ticket with agent collision detection. Freshdesk also stops agents from sending replies to customers without getting the full picture and the recent developments.

Customize assistance

Set reminders to make calls or check on parties with a to-do list. Annotate screenshots, blur, or focus as necessary and provide more details when responding to customers.

Get smart notifications

Get real-time in product updates and email notifications about your tickets. You can also choose what you want to be notified for and mute the rest so you’re not inundated with updates.

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Elevate your Customer Experience

Truly self-service

Create a detailed knowledge base for your customers, get insights on how your articles are performing, and edit or improve them when necessary 

Get customer context

Freshdesk curates individual timelines for every customer, giving you complete context and history of conversations they’ve had with your representatives. 

Measure customer satisfaction

Create customized, multilingual customer satisfaction surveys to gauge customer feedback accurately. 

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