Be where your customers want you to be

Engage with your customers on their terms across channels of their choice. Ditch siloed solutions and tie all support channels together into a continuous customer experience with our omnichannel customer service platform.

Deliver cohesive support no matter which channel your customers choose. Unify your customer service across email, phone, social, customer portal, live chat and 3rd party messaging platforms under one roof. Use Omniroute to manage support queues across channels and reduce queue times.

omnichannel customer support

Have one-on-ones,

with everyone

As you scale, your customer service process evolves into multiple teams and tools without a single view of the customer. Eliminate silos in data by creating a 360-degree view of the customer across marketing, sales and customer service. Deliver personalized customer service at every phase of growth, without making customers repeat themselves.

The Freshworks Customer Service Platform brings together profiles, activities, and conversations across the customer lifecycle to build a unified customer record. Use customer context to reduce resolution time, improve team efficiency and grow your loyal fanbase.

contextual customer conversations

Don’t react. Predict.

Freddy, our friendly AI-powered Omnibot, learns from successful interactions across the customer journey to predict possible causes of friction and smoothen them out before they arise. Go from reactive to predictive, turn possible complaints into moments of joy and keep resolutions quick with our conversational AI and chatbots. Use Freddy to offer round-the-clock support when your team needs rest.

Freddy uses AI/ML to answer routine customer queries and brings in a support agent only when necessary. Freddy can also help your agents be more productive by helping them with repetitive manual tasks like fetching information, suggesting answers and providing actions in real-time. Freddy also predicts customers’ need for attention by detecting frustration signals such as rage clicks and abandoned carts.

predictive customer service

Connected teams,
quick-fire service.

Customer service is everyone's business. Extend support beyond the support team by bringing sales, finance, and even third-party partners into the conversation with context using Freshconnect.

Better collaboration translates to faster service for your customers. Transform your team to move from waterfall model to pitstop model to solve customer problems rapidly and efficiently, and all this while maintaining a bird’s eye view to track progress for the customer.

collaborative customer service

Data-driven happiness

Teams require constant guidance to continuously improve their performance. Identify bottlenecks in ticket lifecycle and learn from past successes in resolution time to both increase efficiency and make your team adhere to SLAs.

Freshworks Customer Service Platform provides insightful reports and metrics that let you unlock the intelligence and actionable insights from data. With customizable team dashboards, monitor your team performance, measure impacts on the business, and make data-driven decisions to offer better customer support.

customer service reports and analytics


Unrivaled time-to-value

Say goodbye to clunky software that fails to deliver value to your business and your customers. Our products are crafted to help your business deploy faster, to adapt to evolving needs and to delight your customers with unrivaled user experience. Go live in days or weeks, not months, with our intuitive products that are easy to configure and deploy.

deploy customer service solution

Built on an enterprise-grade foundation

When your business grows, so should your customer platform. We build software that offers the scale and customizability that supports your growth without infrastructure distress.

Our open ecosystem allows you to extend capabilities by integrating the Freshworks platform to your business ecosystem using our app-marketplace, APIs and developer SDKs.

The Freshworks platform is hosted on AWS and follows robust standards and security frameworks to deliver a secure, stress-free solution for your modern enterprise.

enterprise-grade customer service platform


Our success is in yours

At Freshworks, we believe in working with you as a partner and not just a vendor. Our team of experts is committed to supporting you throughout our relationship, from going-live with confidence to maximizing value from our suite of solutions on an on-going basis. With a decade of experience and thousands of custom implementations for global enterprises, we’ve got your back at every step with dedicated onboarding, customer success and support teams.

enterprise solution partnership

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