Today, Freshdesk has...

3.4 billion

Ticket Interactions

1 billion

API requests per day

100 million

Serverless app executions 

600 million

End-users across the globe



Powering 150,000+ brands like

Manage. Monitor. Measure.

Place big bets while minimizing risk. Take data-driven decisions, test, and audit every change with Freshdesk.



Create a sandbox instance to test, observe, and approve configurations and deploy them in a single click. By allowing changes to be synced between the sandbox and the live instance, we ensure that there isn’t any disruption of day to day activities, in having to accommodate a configuration change.


As organizations grow, your support team gets bigger and is spread across multiple regions. Your support environments need to be scalable. Recreating workflows and configurations across teams and regions can be a time consuming, mundane task.

With Freshdesk’s Clone feature, you can quickly set up a new instance by cloning the support environment without disrupting the existing configuration.


Freshdesk’s consolidated automation module allows you to configure business rules based on the complete lifecycle of a ticket. These rules can be executed based on ticket creation, time-triggers, or updates made to tickets. All this can be done with a combination of multi-level logical operators to incorporate complex business flows through simple steps.


Audit Logs

Large support teams need a reliable way to find out what changes have been made to different sections of their helpdesk.

Freshdesk’s Audit Log helps admins retrieve logs of the changes made by other admins in the account. Information such as creation, updation, and deletion of ticket fields, automation rules, and standard security events across the product are logged.

Custom Dashboards

When you’re managing a large support team, you need to constantly monitor their performance, measure individual agent productivity, and analyze ticket volume trends.

With our custom dashboards,

  • You can choose and show KPIs that matter the most to you and your team. The insights provide a clearer picture of the team and agent’s performance, in a single glance.

  • You can establish thresholds for crucial metrics. You will be alerted when these thresholds are crossed, helping you take quick actions to fix any bottlenecks in your support process.



Monitoring, managing, and measuring your support team’s performance shouldn’t require a data platform and engineering time. Track KPIs, draw insights and make informed decisions to improve your support with Freshdesk's Analytics.

  • Track using curated reports that cover essential metrics tracked by global support teams or build your own custom reports.

  • Define and track the metrics that matter the most to your organization without any hassle.

Connect platforms. Extend capabilities.

Customize Freshdesk by bringing in data from external systems. Enhance functionality by connecting apps from our marketplace.



Exchange data between Freshdesk and all your favorite tools to ensure agents have all the information to solve a customer issue. With Freshworks’ Marketplace, get access to 650+ apps to get contextual information and automate repetitive tasks.

Platform and APIs

Take advantage of Freshdesk’s open API Platform and build your own apps to streamline your workflow. Host scripts leveraging our serverless app capabilities and listen to backend events taking place within Freshdesk and other internal tools to ensure a seamless flow of information between both the tools.

Build full page apps that are similar to embedding a product inside your Freshdesk account. Bring frequently used information from other tools right inside Freshdesk, saving your agents the hassle of switching between multiple apps.


Support admins can easily configure agent load for emails, calls, and chats under one-roof and auto-assign tickets based on agents' existing ticket-load. This gives freedom to agents to resolve customer requests across channels based on their availability and bandwidth. With a faster response time across channels, you will be able to deliver a seamless omnichannel experience.

Delight. Don't deflect.

Engage in meaningful conversations. Bots can pick up the mundane work.

Intelligent Support

Freddy, our AI platform has capabilities that let you focus on the complex tasks that require human intervention and picks up all the rest. Answer bots powered by Freddy can provide customers with solutions faster and in case of complex queries, can hand off to a human agent seamlessly.  Be it checking a ticket's status, booking appointments, purchasing a product, or even renting a car, bots powered by Freddy can do it all and more.

...while staying true to our DNA of being easy to use

Security and Compliance

Following the tenets of security by design, security is at the heart of how we build our products, secure your data and provide high resiliency. We have top-down governance and security in our DNA that lets us constantly wade through our threat vectors and calibrate to strengthen our security posture. That way, we align with the changing business and technology landscape.


We help you succeed


Our implementation specialists will closely work with you to put together a comprehensive shared project plan, tailored to your requirements to ensure a hassle-free go-live. 


Our technical experts are available 24/7 to troubleshoot issues and provide best practices on processes with the agility your business expects.

Customer Success

Our dedicated account managers will work with you hand-in-hand to provide product feature updates, defines shared success KPIs, and track customer satisfaction and review progress on an ongoing basis.

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