What you need to keep in mind while building a customer-centric organization

Most businesses recognize the need to provide excellent customer experience, and even have a customer experience strategy in place. However they fall short, when it comes to execution of the strategy and measurement of success. Global companies who wish to make their mark in delivering great customer experiences, need to rethink their CX strategy and drive a culture of customer centricity. This is exactly your takeaway from this webinar. As our expert panelists discuss the nuances of CX in an organization, we touch upon CX management, affect on the business, how to quantify and measure this impact and how technology is an enabler to delivering to your business goals.

Join us on this webinar, as we discuss market trends and experiences of the positive business impact customer experience can bring to your customer service strategy. Get a sneak-peek into how your industry peers are leveraging technology to stay profitable.


Kari Korkiakoski

CEO - Futurelab

An entrepreneur by heart Kari is the Founder and CEO of Futurelab, Finland. A successful endeavour helping businesses execute their customer experience strategy, the right way. Author of two books(Amazing Customer Experience, 2016 & Asiakkaan aikakausi, 2014) and active blogger and social influencer since 2009, Kari is well known as a thought leader in CX Strategy. Having played major roles in starting up multiple businesses, Kari’s rich experience in knowing what customers want has a huge contribution to his success today. Join us as we engage with Kari and uncover priced business tips in CX.

Sofia Filippova

Manager Sales - Freshworks

Spearheading revenue initiatives for Freshworks in Nordics and Italy, Sofia has been helping both big and small businesses delight their customers with the help of technology. With a Master's in psychology and considerable experience in the domain, Sofia utilises these skills to bring a humanistic understanding of customer behaviour and emotion into customer experience in the service industry. Join her as she explores the nuances of emotion along with other attributes of delivering great customer experience.