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Customer support involves a number of repetitive tasks that not only take up valuable time but can also exhaust morale. As an admin, you have to ensure that your agents are empowered to put their time to the best use, by setting up automations to take care of the mundane, repetitive actions.

Freshdesk’s automations help you run on autopilot

Streamline your helpdesk with automations that work around the clock, to make sure that your support process is as smooth as possible. You can automate the routine tasks in your helpdesk such as setting priorities, following up on tickets and other operational tasks thats help you run your support. This way, your team can utilize their time better and craft the perfect support experience for customers.

Prioritize every incoming ticket

Make sure every incoming ticket gets automatically categorized, prioritized and even assigned to the right agent or group based on factors that you define. The tickets can be prioritized by the type of customer - where they’re writing from, what language they’re using, or even based on what the subject says. This way you can make sure the most important tickets are answered first.

Manage the workload automatically

Automate the assignment of tickets to agents in a group using smart techniques to make sure that the workload is distributed optimally. Consequently, every agent will have a balanced queue, and in addition, Freshdesk can automatically adjust the number when someone is taking a break. You can also set up assignment rules based on the expertise of your agents.

Automate follow-ups with customers

Ensure that you don’t overlook the little tasks - like following up with customers or closing the loop on tickets - that are vital to the smooth operation of your helpdesk. With Freshdesk’s automations you can automatically send out notifications, manage ticket statuses, proactively prevent customer frustration, and more.

React faster to critical events

Set up rules to alert the right people on your team, whenever there is urgent activity on your helpdesk that requires an immediate response. You can also automatically trigger a chain of actions as an initial response. For example, you can alert a manager if a customer sends in a bad satisfaction rating so that they can follow up immediately.

Streamline how you work

Automate multiple tasks

Execute multiple actions on a ticket simultaneously.

Respond consistently

Save frequently sent answers as canned responses.

Route tickets based on skill

Assign tickets to the right agents based on expertise.