Looking for a Zendesk alternative?

If you’re looking for a helpdesk that is easy to use, packs powerful features and provides good value for money, Freshdesk offers all of it right out of the box.

How Freshdesk makes it easier

Don’t lose time setting up

Configuring Freshdesk is ridiculously simple. With setup taking less than 6 minutes, you can start supporting customers instantly.

Never wait to reach a human

Our support team is always standing by to help you out, no matter what plan you are on. We have answers right when you need them.

No more ‘reply above the line’

With Freshdesk, you don’t have to have to ask customers to type replies above a particular line - tickets work just like regular email.

No fumbling around the helpdesk

Our features are built with the understanding of how and why you’d use them. They’re also named and placed in a way that you can find them effortlessly.

No paying extra for essentials

With Freshdesk, you pay for exactly what you see - no conditional clauses and no hidden charges.

Smarter support features packed together

Smarter support features packed together

Collaborate to resolve issues faster

Freshdesk is the only helpdesk that lets you chat with your team right inside a ticket with Team Huddle.

Customize your workflows to work for you

Create your own custom ticket statuses to indicate the exact stage the ticket is in your helpdesk.

Assign tickets intelligently

Distribute tickets equally among agents based on skill sets and avoid assigning tickets manually.


Evaluate Freshdesk for yourself. We’re sure you’ll be impressed. If you decide to make the switch, migrating all your data from Zendesk is as simple as a click. If you’re looking for your first ever helpdesk, you can just easily import your mailbox. So, what are you waiting for?