Prioritize tickets and perform status checks

Prioritize tickets automatically by importance and manage your customer conversations better by moving to a helpdesk. Track support tickets from creation to resolution using ticket statuses.

Manage multiple mailboxes in one place

Bring conversations from multiple email addresses into a single helpdesk for faster resolution. Route tickets to the team best equipped to handle them using smart ticket assignment features.

Track and measure quality of support

Use reporting for insights on what’s working well and what could be better with your customer support. Schedule regular reports so that you’re always informed of your team’s performance.

Perks of moving to a helpdesk

Align customer and agent expectations

Automatically assign tickets and track SLAs to manage service standards across your support team with ease.

Alert agents on collision

Avoid confusing customers by ensuring agents don’t send multiple or contradictory responses to the same queries.

Keep customers informed

Configure auto-responders in email notifications to update your customers when you receive their ticket.