Increase efficiency by using a shared inbox

Bring clarity to your support workflow by having incoming requests to your support email converted into helpdesk tickets, prioritized and assigned to the right agents automatically.

Find the best solutions as a team

Discuss and share ownership of tickets with teammates and experts from across your organization to find the best solutions for customer issues.

Streamline replies and optimize efforts

Optimize agent efforts and prevent multiple replies to the customer, by letting your helpdesk inform agents whether a ticket is already being worked on using Agent Collision Detection.

Extend capabilities with app integrations

Equip your agents with more tools to deliver great customer service by integrating with your CRM, payment solution, bug-tracking software or any other tool your team finds use for.

Maximize on efficiency

Filter for relevance

Create personal views to quickly access tickets that are assigned to you or need your inputs.

Automate routine tasks

Save canned responses for common questions to be inserted into customer replies with one click.

Group tickets with tags

Tag tickets to add another layer of categorization and make analyzing support trends easier.