Automate ticket assignment

Have incoming tickets categorized, prioritized and assigned to the right agents based on turn, load or expertise.

Load Balanced Ticket Assigment

Game mechanics in support

Introduce a scoring mechanism, set quests and encourage healthy competition on the leaderboard to motivate performance.

Freshdesk Arcade Quests

Extend functionalities

Integrate with your favorite apps to refine workflows and extend functionalities in your helpdesk as required for your business.

Freshdesk Marketplace

Powerful automations

Clear bottlenecks in support

Follow up on pending responses and overdue tickets with Supervisor, which runs every hour to clear bottlenecks.

Automate triggered actions

Use Observer rules to automate actions in your helpdesk when the events you specify are triggered in a ticket.

Multiple actions in one click

Perform multiple actions on a single ticket like changing the status and adding a tag using Scenario Automations in Freshdesk.