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Avoid delays in collating data

As a supervisor of a support team, you need to be able to identify and fix issues as quickly as possible to help your team perform better. However, a large part of your time is spent in collecting data, making charts and presenting findings.

Freshdesk’s reports gear you towards action

With a quick overview of the reports page, supervisors can understand how the helpdesk and the support team are doing. Every metric like agent response time, resolution SLA, or ticket created can be analysed based on ticket properties like status, agent group, type and more. You can streamline your support by identifying bottlenecks and examining problematic tickets right from the report.

View insights at a glance

Every support team works differently and would need to keep track of metrics that are relevant to how they measure performance. With custom insights in Freshdesk, you can focus on the metrics that matter to you without having to wade through the bulk of the data.

Helpdesk Reporting

Ask your helpdesk for visual data

Use plain words to ask your helpdesk what you want to know. You can ask questions like “how many tickets were reopened last month” or “which customer has the most number of unresolved tickets today” and your helpdesk will pull up the number along with a trend graph.

Report Answers

Plan your workflow

Analyze the weekly or daily workload of your agents and spot trends like the busiest day of the week or the busiest hour of the day. Bring in additional help when needed using day passes and manage shifts effectively.

Ticket Volume Trends

Understand every ticket’s lifecycle

Using ticket lifecycle reports you can identify which team takes the longest to resolve tickets or which group spends the most time waiting on other teams. Break down the lifecycle of a ticket by the time it has spent with each group or agent, and by various ticket properties.

Ticket Lifecycle Report

Other popular features

Schedule reports

Get specific reports regularly in your mailbox

CSAT reports

Measure and improve customer satisfaction

SLA reports

Identify teams that constantly miss SLA deadlines