Tailor Freshdesk to suit your business

Set custom Service Level Agreements (SLA) for multiple regions, products and business units to prioritize and deliver by suitable deadlines for each requirement.

Set Custom SLAs

Hassle-free time management across regions

Create and assign custom business hours to different agents and groups, and display tickets and other properties in the local time of the agent.

Multiple business hours

Show your appreciation for loyal customers

Save time on creating tickets by creating templates with the right form fields for different types of issues and pre-filling them with basic information.

SLA Reminders

Manage Expectations

Remote customer support

Regardless of where the members of your support team are located, you can provide your customers with seamless experiences by facilitating remote support with Freshdesk.

Customized email notifications

Delight customers by using their preferred language when sending them automated email notifications. Freshdesk will automatically detect customer’s language.

Multichannel support

Manage customer interactions on multiple channelslike email, chat, phone and social media without having to switch between several tools and applications.