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More than 150,000 customers trust Freshdesk with their data. Enterprise-grade security features and comprehensive audits of networks, systems and regulatory compliances protect our product and platform.

Focus on delivering support while we protect your helpdesk

We are committed to setting the standard as a secure partner when it comes to the integrity and protection of our customer’s data, and we continuously look for opportunities to make improvements. We pride ourselves in our product’s simplicity and performance while being dedicated to providing the most secure experience for you and your customers.

Freshdesk unifies all your information

Custom SSL certificates

All Freshdesk accounts come with a wildcard SSL certificate enabled by default. Custom SSL certificates let you secure your own support domain or vanity URL for a safe and personalized experience. For simplicity, you can request a custom SSL certificate for your portal and have us enable it for you.

Custom SSL certififcates

IP and Network restrictions

Whitelist IP ranges and decide who gets access to your helpdesk with Freshdesk’s Trusted IP functionality. Restrict login access outside of work by whitelisting just office network addresses for agents and employees.

Create secure and exclusive access for agents to login from anywhere by linking IP whitelisting to a virtual private network (VPN).

IP Whitelisting

Identity & access management

Set up a single sign on (SSO) script to authenticate agents and users on your Freshdesk account by letting them use their existing credentials. Simplify account management by enabling SSO to work with your existing databases like Active Directory or social accounts like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

SSO login

Additional product security features

Click-jacking prevention
SHA 256 encoding
JWT authentication for APIs
Granular app management
Data encryption at rest
Cross site scripting mitigation

Regulatory Compliances