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A win-win Situation

Customers want instant answers to simple questions without having to wait for agents. Agents want to spend less time on answering the same questions so they can focus on the more complex problems.

Freshdesk helps you create a seamless self-service experience

Enabling self-service doesn’t just help customers find solutions faster, but also empowers agents with the right knowledge. It also helps in reducing the ticket volume your helpdesk receives.

Create, organize and share knowledge

Knowledge base

Let customers search and find answers to the simple problems they face while using your product or service.

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Categorize articles

Group articles into folders and organize them so that customers can easily and quickly navigate your knowledge base.

Community forums

Foster an active community where customers can ask questions and engage in discussions about your product.

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With Freshdesk's knowledge base, you can...

With Freshdesk's knowledge base, you can...

Avoid conflicting edits

Prevent multiple agents from editing the same article using agent collision detection.

Ask for feedback

Writers can be notified about the feedback given by the readers about an article.

Measure and improve

Monitor metrics like number of views, likes and dislikes to understand the effectiveness of the article.

Increase engagement

Route more organic traffic to your knowledge base using the SEO friendly features.

With Freshdesk's forums, you can...

With Freshdesk's forums, you can...

Merge forum topics

Similar topics can be merged under one single topic to avoid duplication.

Moderate your forums

Ensure that suspicious posts don't go live immediately without supervision.

Link forum topic to ticket

Convert critical issues raised in the community into tickets so they get the required attention.

Capture popularity

Know which ideas and solutions are popular with the number of upvotes.

Other cool self-service features

Provide multi-product support

Create separate support portals for multiple products from a single helpdesk, without having to pay for any extra products.

Multilingual knowledge base

Create knowledge base articles in multiple languages for a single portal. Freshdesk will detect the language of the user and show corresponding articles.

Customize your portal

Leverage extensive customization options in Freshdesk to make your support portal look and feel like an extension of your website.