A beginner’s guide to field service management software

Are you using an Excel sheet to monitor your field service operations? Are your field service technicians missing out on appointments? Are you having trouble coordinating between your customers and your field service team? If you’ve been trying to overcome any of these challenges, a field service management software is the solution you’ve been looking for.

To understand field service management better and leverage it to improve customer satisfaction, we have answered the most frequently asked questions regarding FSM software.

Field Service Management Field Service Management

What is field service management (FSM)?

Field service management is the management of resources to deliver customer service ‘in the field’, often referring to a scenario where the cause of the issue, or the product in need of repair or maintenance, cannot be brought to the company’s premises, and therefore a technician has to be dispatched to a specific location.

It involves everything from tracking customer requests, identifying relevant field technicians, planning field technician schedules, coordinating communication between customers and technicians and live-tracking technician progress as they solve problems on-site. Field Service Management allows you to simplify workflows using work order management, scheduling and dispatching field technicians, real-time reporting and end-to-end project management.

New to field service management? Check out this Freshdesk guide to enable FSM for your team.

Why do you need field service management software?

Service organizations need an all-in-one Field Service Management or FSM solution like Freshdesk to align tasks for field workers and improve operational efficiency by enabling work order management and predictive maintenance. A field service software not only helps businesses record customer information, and monitor service requests, but enables dispatch managers to schedule field operations and track dispatch technicians on the go.

Let’s say you’re an internet service provider facing customer complaints about network issues. A help desk software will record these service requests in the form of tickets, while a field service management solution allows you to find the nearest field technician with the right skill set who can be dispatched to fix the problem.

Who can use field service software?


Small and medium sized businesses have very similar requirements when it comes to their field service operations. Their customer support agents often act as the field service technicians themselves and are responsible for prioritizing problems, accepting on-premise service requests based on their availability and expertise,and taking charge of service delivery. 

The right service management software for small businesses acts as both a help desk and a service scheduling software, proving to be a cost-effective software solution. It enables dispatch teams to focus purely on answering customer queries and scheduling appointments by automating routine tasks. On the other hand, mid-sized businesses need a software solution that scales with their team, without overcomplicating their workflow as the teams grow larger.


Enterprises require their teams to coordinate with each other without impacting their efficiency. Their objective is to streamline the flow of customer information across teams and try to improve communication between teams. A good software solution for enterprises will offer stellar field service management capabilities.


How can field service management software help field service teams?

Solve problems on a mobile app

Good field service software will help your field service technicians access customer information such as contact details, addresses, and interaction history, their own schedules, and allow them to communicate with the service team at HQ, all from the comfort of a mobile app.

Increase team efficiency

With an intelligent field management software, you can automate assigning and monitoring tickets, so that your teams can focus on solving customer problems and contribute to increasing team efficiency.

Improve internal communication

By bringing your helpdesk and field service software together, you can simplify workflows, allowing your customer support team and field service team to communicate, coordinate and solve customer issues quickly.

Provide better service

Provide better context to your dispatch agents to improve first time resolution rate. They can refer to the mobile app and access historical customer information and past issues raised by the customer etc.

Promote customer loyalty

Deliver seamless customer experience across channels by sharing required customer information across teams. Monitor the quality of service delivery to make your customers stay loyal to your brand.

Analyze and improve faster

Are your field teams adhering to service level agreements? Are they overburdened with customer requests? Monitor service metrics to optimize work schedules and improve customer satisfaction.

Support Channels

Which channels do your customers prefer to communicate with you? Do your customers rely on self-service or they prefer to chat with your customer support agents directly? You need to ensure that the field service management software you choose allows you to extend support to your customers across their preferred channel of communication.

User Interface

With an intuitive and approachable UI that combines help desk and field service capabilities, your customer support agents and dispatchers can get started instantly. With a simplified workflow process and UI, service teams can focus on customer service, service technician experience, team efficiency and business profitability.


The right field service management software will be a cost effective software solution to suit your business needs. Compare features, browse through reviews, or request a demo to understand if the software would integrate with your primary business tools and if it's worth the investment. Remember, a higher price doesn't necessarily guarantee quality.

What type of field service management software suits my business needs?

Omnichannel FSM

Freshdesk's omnichannel capabilities combined with field service management features ensure that you can communicate with your customers via chat, website, phone, email, and more to record their problems as they share. Dispatch managers can also assign the right field service technician to attend service requests wherever your customers are.

Omnichannel FSM-Ticketing Omnichannel FSM-Ticketing

Intelligent FSM

An intelligent field service software helps you automate ticket assignment to the right agent and even assign service requests to the right field service technicians. Freshdesk helps dispatch managers schedule appointments better, monitor task status in real-time, and track the customer service metrics to improve team efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction.  

Social Helpdesk Social Helpdesk

Versatile FSM

As your business grows and your customer base expands, you need to enable seamless flow of customer information across teams to deliver consistent customer experience. A versatile field service management software allows you to integrate with other tools such as CRMs, payment processing portals, time tracking tools, GPS tracking software etc.


Versatile FSM Versatile FSM

Essential features of a field service management software

Every service management software is different. Some provide a basic service scheduling platform but require you to manually schedule appointments, manage shift timings, or even integrate with additional reporting tools. We have compiled the five essential features you need to have on your checklist while selecting the right field service management tool.

Omnichannel Ticketing System

An all-in-one field service software like Freshdesk can even help you create service tasks for service requests being received from multiple channels.

While processes like ticket assignment and categorization get automated, omnichannel capabilities ensure that customer interactions are seamless across channels, and all the information is accessible using a unified dashboard. This allows the technical support team to have complete context and ensure speedy resolutions.

Omnichannel Service Task Creation Omnichannel Service Task Creation


A good field service software will enable collaboration by making communication between the teams easier. Freshdesk allows your field service, back office and customer support teams to communicate easily about any ticket by adding relevant team members to a ticket using the in-built Collaborator functionality.

Collaboration allows your teams to stay on top of real-time updates and perform better by keeping field teams in the loop about details such as customer status updates, location and latest responses. A good field service management software can get your entire team on the same page so they can meet customer expectations.

FSM Collaboration FSM Collaboration


A powerful software solution will help you optimize scheduling and allow field service teams to improve their productivity by automating repetitive tasks and reducing service costs. With powerful automations, your daily tasks can be handled automatically using time-based or event-based triggers.

Freshdesk will automatically trigger notifications for dispatch managers to pay attention to priority service requests, in case of SLA breach, or in case the dispatch technician isn't available. The Map View also allows field service teams to keep an eye on issues on the job sites, allowing dispatch managers to identify areas on the map with higher field service requests and allocate resources accordingly. With the right configuration, you can ensure service tasks are assigned to those technicians who offer the fastest resolutions.

Automations-Ticket Creation Automations-Ticket Creation

Service Scheduling Dashboard

A service scheduling dashboard provides field service supervisors with a clear, visual representation of the workload that your dispatch agent has on any given day of the week. It highlights service tasks that are pending, have not been assigned or remain unopened so that you can prioritize accordingly.

Assigning jobs is a simple drag-and-drop operation with Freshdesk's service scheduling dashboard. Does your field technician need more time to resolve issues at their current appointment? Has a field technician taken the day off and their tasks need to be reassigned? Is a regional service group overloaded with a lot of service requests and additional help? A feature-rich scheduling dashboard is all you need.

Scheduling dashboard Scheduling dashboard

Mobile Field Service

If your field team has to meet customer expectations every single time, no matter where your customers are, then your teams need to stay connected 24/7. Invest in a good field service software that offers a cloud-based software solution so your field worker is always connected on the move.

Freshdesk offers an easy-to-use and intuitive Field Service mobile app with all the relevant customer data, including problem summaries and customer address or location details in case of a scheduled visit. It also enables dispatch agents to share updates from the job site - such as status of a customer's problem, details of the analysis conducted on site as well as photo/video updates for the helpdesk agents to keep them in the loop.

My service tasks-Mobile My service tasks-Mobile

Reporting and Analytics

In order to move forward, you must first know where you stand. Every good field service software will have a field service reporting suite that will give you a breakdown of your team’s performance and how it can be improved. Freshdesk's in-built reporting features will help you identify and map patterns in your support, and decide whether you need to scale your teams up or down and how to motivate them.

With FSM software, field service teams can identify and provide tools needed by technicians to resolve issues and improve service delivery KPIs like first-time fix rate, operational efficiency, and CSAT scores.

Reporting Screen- FSM Reporting Screen- FSM

Want to try a field service management software?

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk software with field service management capabilities which helps small businesses and established enterprises to nurture customer relationships, collaborate better across the globe, and deliver better customer experiences.

Looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use field service management software?