What is a dispatch software?

A dispatch software simplifies field service management by reducing the manual effort that goes into handling a service dispatch. An all-in-one field service management platform allows you to streamline workflows, manage and optimize schedules, deploy field technicians for service tasks and track them on the go. It also leads to better coordination between field technicians and helpdesk agents and consequently, a faster resolution time. 

Dispatch Software Dispatch Software

Why do you need a field service dispatch software?

Field service dispatch software plays a crucial role for service companies that need service technicians to travel to a customer’s location in-person to resolve issues. Manually performing a lot of these service dispatch-related tasks such as creating a scheduling for field agents, or monitoring the real-time status of work orders might result in delays, on account of process inefficiencies. This eventually leaves the customers and your field service team frustrated.

A dispatch management software not only automates the manual processes for the dispatch team, but empowers the field team to improve customer satisfaction. With additional modules like GPS tracking, route planning, route optimization, payment processing and invoicing, field service technicians are able to attend service requests in accordance with service level agreements, meet customer expectations, deliver stellar customer experience, resulting in increased profitability for the business.

Benefits of using a dispatch management software

Help dispatchers improve efficiency

  • Unified dashboard to access all dispatch information

  • Smart UI (user interface) for easy scheduling and dispatch

  • Eliminate paperwork and manual tasks to save time

Help technicians complete work faster

  • Provide dispatch managers with real-time work order updates

  • Complete context with access to customer details and their service history

  • Optimize routes to navigate and reach job sites faster

Grow your field service business effortlessly

  • Improve productivity and SLA management

  • Reduce costs by minimizing repeat visits

  • Streamline workflows and field service operations to scale revenue

The 3 ways in which dispatch software simplifies field service


Easy task management

The user-friendly interface supported by a drag and drop functionality of a dispatch management software simplifies the entire process of job scheduling for dispatch teams. It helps you be more organized and in control of your service task assignments. You can easily prioritize a service request, categorize the type of customer issues, and assign the right field service technician to the job.

Task Management Task Management


Prevent schedule conflicts 

A dispatch software helps you to schedule service requests to make life easier for your field team and customers alike. The profitability of field service businesses lies with the efficiency of your field agents. The more service requests they attend and close, the better it is for the business. With field service dispatching software, you’ll have the schedules of all your field agents in one place, helping you to avoid conflicts like assigning multiple agents to the same job or avoiding schedule gaps for field technicians.

Optimized Schedules Optimized Schedules


Right person for the right job

Field service dispatching software gives you a clear picture of the location, schedules, shift timings and availability of every field worker. In addition to this, you can get real-time updates on the proximity of the tech to the job site, optimize route to the service location, making life easier for dispatchers and dispatch technicians. Having extensive context also means service tasks can be assigned to the right tech with the right skill set, field service experience and availability as per their existing schedule.

Balancing Workload Balancing Workload

Freshdesk Dispatch Management Software

Freshdesk’s field service dispatch software reduces the effort for both helpdesk and field teams. With a fully configured helpdesk, not only can you manage incoming customer queries from multiple channels, but the field service management capabilities embedded in Freshdesk allows you to create service tasks for each ticket that needs in-person support and assign it to the right dispatch agent for speedy resolutions. You can even leverage the power of Freshdesk automation to handle your daily tasks and collaborate better across teams by sharing real-time service updates. Here’s why Freshdesk Dispatch Software is the right choice for your field team.

Field Service Management (FSM) at its best

With the right dispatch software solution, your team will no longer need to use complicated spreadsheets to manually create service tasks and write down job details.

  • Create service tasks with just a few mouse clicks

  • Capture and filter service tasks by their 'Description', 'Status', 'Priority' etc.

  • View which tech is assigned to the job and track real-time progress on job site

Add field technicians and create service groups Add field technicians and create service groups

Dispatching made easy with scheduling dashboard

Freshdesk's scheduling dashboard is a powerful feature that transforms the way you manage service tasks and streamline work orders.

  • Get a holistic view of all service requests and technician schedules 

  • Drag and drop to schedule service tasks for the right technician

  • Monitor workloads and optimize schedules that benefit your customers and agents

Scheduling dashboard Scheduling dashboard

Track performance using Freshdesk analytics

Service providers can track if technicians are adhering to SLAs and monitor performance metrics to improve the quality of service delivery. 

  • Generate actionable insights from customizable reports

  • Get more context around all service jobs and monitor performance-related KPIs 

  • Analyze and improve customer service metrics to deliver consistent customer experience

Sharing content with Field Team Sharing content with Field Team

Create service technician groups

Categorize your field service technicians by skill set and industry function into service groups within the Freshdesk dispatch software solution.

  • Use service groups to assist in workforce management 

  • Assign work orders to a service group based on job type, location, skill sets etc

  • Set business hours for each service group to account for different shifts across the globe


Service group Service group

The Freshdesk dispatch mobile app

Job notifications Job notifications
Map view Map view
time tracking time tracking
offline availability offline availability

The Freshdesk dispatch mobile app

App notifications

Using the Freshdesk mobile app, you can automate and trigger notifications to technicians every time they are assigned to a new service request, to dispatch managers in case of an SLA breach or in case there's a need to reschedule service tasks in case a technician is on leave or needs more time with previous service tasks.

Job notifications Job notifications
Live map view & navigation

Using the Freshdesk live map view, dispatch agents can navigate using the map application on the Freshdesk app on their mobile device. This in-built functionality also comes with a GPS tracking module and route optimization feature, so that the field technicians can get to the job site at the earliest.

Map view Map view
Time tracking module

Service providers can track the amount of time spent on every task within the Freshdesk field service dispatching software to monitor their service delivery time, ensure adherence to SLAs and keep tabs on customer service metrics. Dispatch managers can leverage these metrics to manage team efficiency.

time tracking time tracking
Offline availability

Freshdesk is a cloud-based dispatch management software that enables field service technicians to view service task information on their mobile app. This helps them to stay on track, even in case of poor network connectivity. They just need to refer to their mobile device to access their entire schedule and corresponding customer details.

offline availability offline availability

Resources on dispatch management for field service teams