What is a dispatch software?

Field service management is a crucial activity for companies that need technicians to travel to a customer’s location in-person to resolve issues. But manually performing a lot of the service dispatch-related tasks such as creating a schedule for field agents, or monitoring a work order’s progress can be delayed by process inefficiencies. This eventually leaves both the customer and your support team frustrated.

A dispatch software simplifies field service management by greatly reducing the manual effort that goes into handling a service dispatch. You can have a singular field service management platform from where you can schedule, manage and deploy field technicians for service tasks. It also leads to better coordination between field technicians and helpdesk agents and consequently, a faster resolution time. 

Dispatch Software

Benefits of using a dispatching software

Help dispatchers improve efficiency
  • Organize all dispatch information in one place
  • Smart UI for easy scheduling and dispatch
  • Eliminate paperwork and manual tasks to save time
Help technicians complete work faster
  • Provide techs with real-time updates on jobs
  • Give them complete context of every issue 
  • Help them navigate to customer locations faster
Grow your service business
  • Improve productivity and SLA management
  • Reduce costs by minimizing repeat visits
  • Streamline workflows and operations to scale revenue 

3 ways dispatch software simplifies field service

Easy task management

Dispatch management software simplifies the entire process of scheduling and dispatching field technicians.  It helps you be more organized and in control of your service task assignments. You can easily identify a task’s priority and the type of problem, and assign the right technician for the right job.

Task Management

Prevent schedule conflicts 

Without a simple way to schedule your service tasks, you might end up with poor response times and delayed work order completions. With service dispatch software, you’ll have the schedules of all your field agents in one place,  helping you avoid scheduling conflicts as well as schedule gaps.

Optimized Schedules

The right person for the right job

Service dispatching software gives you a clear picture of locations and schedules, which technicians are available, what the nearest job is, and the fastest route to the location, which makes decision making for dispatchers very easy. Having extensive context means tasks can be distributed to the right technician with the right skill set.

Balancing Workload

Scheduling and dispatching with Freshdesk

Powerful job management

With Freshdesk's dispatch solution, your team no longer needs to use paper or spreadsheets to create service tasks and manually write down job details. 

  • Dispatchers can easily create service tasks with just a few mouse clicks.
  • You can capture details such as 'Description', 'Status', 'Priority' etc. with task properties.
  • Dispatchers can also view which technician is assigned to the job and track appointment progress in real-time

Learn more about service tasks here->

Add field technicians and create service groups

Simple dispatching with scheduling dashboard

The Freshdesk scheduling dashboard is a powerful feature that transforms the way you can manage service tasks.

  • Gives dispatchers a holistic view of all jobs and technician calendars. 
  • A service task can be assigned to an available time-slot on the  technician's calendar using  simple drag-and-drop controls 
  • Easy way to monitor workloads and create optimized schedules that benefit your customers and agents.
Scheduling dashboard

Track performance with analytics

Analyze technician performance and help achieve your team SLA's with Freshdesk’s reporting and analytics.  

  • Gain insights into all job and performance-related KPIs 
  • Generate actionable insights from customizable reports
  • Help dispatch teams strive towards continuous improvement in processes and customer experience
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Create technician groups

Categorize your technicians by skillset and industry function into service groups within Freshdesk.

  • Use service groups to organize your workforce 
  • A technician can be part of more than one group
  • Assign work orders to a service group based on job type, location, etc
  • Set business hours for each service group to cover different shifts

Learn more about Service Groups in Freshdesk ->

Service group

The Freshdesk mobile dispatch app

Job notifications
Map view

The Freshdesk mobile dispatch app

Job Notifications

The Freshdesk mobile app notifies technicians everytime they are assigned to a new job request in real-time

Job notifications
Map view & navigation

Technicians can navigate using a map application directly from the Freshdesk app on their mobile device

Map view
Time tracking

Field technicians can track the amount of time spent on every task within the freshdesk app to

Offline availability

Even without an internet connection, technicians can view service task information on the app

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