What is electrical contractor software?

Electrical contractor software is an integrated software solution for electrical contractors and service businesses to automate common day-to-day tasks. 

Electrical contractor software helps agents and technicians simplify their jobs and get work done faster by creating schedules, dispatching field technicians, sending invoices, and more, with greater efficiency and easier collaboration. 

Electrical contractor software

Electrical Contractor Management Software speeds up your service business

Simple service management

Manage appointments, work orders, and customer communication all in one place for easy access and transparency – ensuring your entire team is on the same page and resulting in better collaboration and efficiency. 

Effortless scheduling

Reduce productivity downtime with the ability to easily create tasks, pick customer and job requests, and assign them to your team of electrical contractors in seconds with simple drag-and-drop capabilities in a single dashboard.

Easy billing

Electrical contractor software can be integrated with billing tools to generate your invoice digitally. This process takes less time since the integration enables automatic calculation of the invoice from the time logs that get recorded by technicians using the electrical software mobile app.

Electrical contractor software transforms the way your service team works

Electrical estimating software gives you the key to greater control over your business. Forget about whiteboards, back-and-forth phone calls, and constantly out-of-date calendars and start optimizing your business for profit.

No more paperwork

Running an electrician service business efficiently requires you to be constantly adjusting moving pieces such as tasks, contractors, and customers. Tasks such as taking down job details for every request raised,scheduling appointments and coordinating between service teams and field staff using paper can be time-consuming and can negatively impact your overall efficiency.  With electrician software, creating a job with all the relevant information becomes much more manageable.

Reduce operational costs

If your business strategy is the least bit inefficient, you risk negatively impacting your company by losing the extra funds you need to keep growing. This is why focusing your energy on optimizing business processes results in higher efficiency, and therefore higher profitability. Using Electrical software leads to better job management, which results in eliminating unnecessary repeat site visits, improved logistics, and as a consequence, lower costs. 

Complete tasks faster

With information about jobs and contractors’ schedules instantly available, dispatchers can easily find and assign the nearest available electrician to get to the job. This also leads to better coordination between technicians and service managers, and consequently, a faster resolution time. Without an efficient way to schedule your field service jobs, you risk slow response times and slower task completion.

Deliver stellar service experiences

When tasks are scheduled without a plan, electricians can’t operate efficiently, and they end up spending time in back and forth conversations between technicians, agents, and customers, causing slower resolutions and disappointed customers. With electrical contractor software, field technicians have access to the entire historical context of a customer's requests, and can prepare themselves for the job at hand. Additionally, they can receive updates in real time from the dispatcher and customer, allowing them to easily deliver seamless experiences.

Simplifying your electrician business one feature at a time

Manage job and customer information


Access all the information about your assignments, technician availability, and customer data at a glance, so you can increase efficiency and streamline business processes.

  • Every new service task will contain a customer's problem description, contact details such as phone number and address, & the appointment date and time 

  • Dispatch agents and electricians can communicate updated information in real-time and provide fast assistance when necessary

  • With all these details available to everyone, no matter who’s on-call or who’s working that day, you’ll be able to resolve the issue much faster

Task inbox

Simplify electrician scheduling


Organize and manage all your electrician service jobs with Freshdesk’s scheduling dashboard.

  • Assign service tasks in real-time through a simple drag and drop, ensuring the most efficient use of your electricians’ time.

  • Service managers get a holistic view of their field technicians’ schedules and allows them to prioritize and assign the right task to the right tech

  • Simplify coordination between electricians and service teams and ensure last-minute schedule conflicts or gaps are avoided.


Streamline electrician dispatching


Simplify the entire process of managing dispatch calendars across all jobs and electricians in the field. 

  • Track the status of all jobs in the service task inbox, view availability, and manage workloads.

  • Quickly identify a task’s priority and the type of problem to assign the right technician for the job. 

Enable effortless service invoicing


Electrical contractor software like Freshdesk offers you the ability to generate invoices for your customers quickly. 

  • With timesheets and time tracking you can distinguish your billable and non-billable hours are going.  Estimate invoicing

Freshdesk mobile app for electricians

With the Freshdesk mobile app electricians can manage their service tasks on the go:

Freshdesk mobile app for electricians

With the Freshdesk mobile app electricians can manage their service tasks on the go:

Real-time updates

All the lates information and task updates techs need to deliver awesome field service, always available at their fingertips

Navigate to job sites

Techs can use map integrations to navigate to their job site with the mobile app

Capture & update information

Electricians can take photos, add notes, update checklists, and upload data in real-time to the helpdesk with the Freshdesk mobile app.

The Freshdesk advantage

Intuitive and simple software

Freshdesk’s electrician software is easy to use and simple to master so your team can start scheduling jobs right away with minimal training

Intelligent automation

Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive tasks. Whether it’s a follow-up visit, an escalation, or billing reminders, make sure nothing falls through the cracks with smart routing.

Contextual collaboration

Bring help desk agents and service providers together. All actionable service tasks are linked to a ticket so dispatchers and technicians both have the full context of the problem when responding to customers