What is a field service app and why do you need one?

With more businesses moving to the cloud, digital solutions for customer service and field service have increasingly become popular. To this end, the field service mobile app is a tool built for field technicians or mobile employees. With the field app, field technicians can easily carry out their day-to-day activities such as planning schedules, tracking the time spent on an issue, and communicating with customer support agents and customers.

Why do you need a field service app?

A day in the life of a field technician is packed with a ton of tasks. Without having a system that streamlines processes, the chances of these tasks piling up or getting scrambled are quite high. For instance, when a field technician does not know their day’s schedule in advance, they might not be able to plan well and might end up being late for an appointment. They might even face a tough time trying to locate customers or speak to them. Ultimately, this can get in their way of providing timely and satisfactory resolutions.

However, a dedicated field service application can help field employees go about their daily tasks with ease as it lets them view their daily tasks with context-rich information, share activity updates on the go and coordinate with the customer support agents. 

How to choose a field service mobile app

While there are many factors, such as business requirements, the size of your team, etc., that you should keep in mind when you’re picking a tool for your team, here are a few features that your field employees can’t do without: 

Complete context of the customer’s issue

In order to deliver satisfactory resolutions, it is imperative for mobile employees to have complete context of the customer’s issue as well as access to past conversations and experiences.

Availability of location and navigation data

Providing location and navigation data right within the app helps field technicians save a considerable amount of time and prevents the customer from the hassle of giving directions.

Ability to track time spent at each appointment

Having an in-built time tracking system provides complete transparency into the billing process. Using this data, you can also optimize your workflow by analyzing the time taken to resolve different kinds of service tasks.

Option to add notes for each appointment

The ability to add notes helps field employees take stock of the nitty-gritties of the task, collaborate with a customer support agent on-the-go, and document important takeaways and learnings from the appointment.

Why you should pick Freshdesk’s mobile field service app

Access relevant information with ease

Freshdesk mobile service app provides all the details service technicians require to carry out their tasks seamlessly. The customer’s location, contact information, and service status can be accessed with the tap of a button. This makes it convenient for field technicians to interact with customers. Additionally, technicians can manage their schedule, prioritize tasks based on severity, location and customer type, right from the app. 

field service app - get full context field service app - get full context

Provide live updates and notifications

Since Freshdesk offers a native mobile application that integrates seamlessly with Freshdesk’s customer service application, field technicians and customer service agents can share live updates and notifications. This helps all the teams involved proactively communicate when there are unexpected delays or orders that need to be rescheduled.

field service app - updates field service app - updates

Track time on the field for service tasks

The fsm app enables technicians to keep track of the time they spend on each service task. If the service is billed to the customer on a timely basis, the technician can start the manual timer while servicing which will make the process even more transparent. This comes in handy while working with technicians who are billed by the hour.

field service app - track time field service app - track time

Customer signature after signoff

The Freshdesk mobile field service app allows field employees to take a digital signature of the customer, once the task has been completed. This allows for a second level of authentication for businesses and provides a paperless process to further optimize your field service operations.

field service app - customer signature field service app - customer signature

Deliver better customer experiences

With the help of a robust field service app, your field technicians can improve the last mile of your customer experience. Providing contextual assistance, offering transparency into the billing processes, and proactively reaching out for feedback instantly after a service task is resolved are a few of the many ways in which Freshdesk can help your team deliver better customer experiences.

field service app - deliver better experiences field service app - deliver better experiences

What else can you achieve with Freshdesk?

Manage different teams

Handle support and field teams using Freshdesk’s integrated solutions for customer support and field service management.

Schedule appointments

Track, schedule, and manage appointments across different field service teams from a single dashboard.

Track performance

Measure your team’s progress, drill down on a single agent’s performance and gauge customer satisfaction using curated reports.