Streamline FSM with Field Service Automation

Simplify workflows and automate repetitive tasks with Freshdesk's field service automation software


What is Field Service Automation?

Freshdesk helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences by simplifying processes and automating routine steps in executing field service tasks.  

Organizations that provide field service have dedicated teams to manage several tasks and workflows to ensure excellent service delivery. This requires a high level of coordination, fast response times, and an efficient method of scheduling and dispatching service tasks. 

With field service automation software, organizations can eliminate redundancy, digitize the collection and utilization of task-related information, and help dispatchers assign and schedule appointments quickly. With field service software, organizations can achieve:

  • Shorter resolution times
  • Lower cost of operations
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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Comparing FSM with and without software


Tickets created and assigned automatically by Freshdesk’s Field service software

Manual ticket creation and assignment for every customer request

Status, Priority, location, problem type and other details are easily recorded and tracked

Cluttered, unorganized inboxes and sheets makes it difficult to track and update tasks

Technicians get real-time notifications on their mobile app when a task gets assigned to them

Technicians have to be personally informed of each service request by the dispatch team

Advantages of Field Service Automation

Simplify workflows for field and support agents

Many of the tasks performed during field service operations are inefficient because the workflows are complex. It involves having unnecessary, repetitive stepsd and leads to slower resolution times  With field service automation, you can simplify common workflows implemented by both dispatch and field teams and allow an agile method of working that leads to service requests being processed faster and technicians being able to get to the customer location quicker.

service scheduling software - schedling dashboard service scheduling software - schedling dashboard

Reduce manual effort

Jobs like data collection, ticket assignment, and updating the status and progress of every customer request can feel redundant and unproductive. Having to manually schedule service tasks to the right technicians can also hinder agent efficiency. Field service automation eliminates these tasks and frees up valuable time for your service teams to focus on helping the customer. Field service software also makes allocating tasks and scheduling these tasks easier with a simple set of mouse clicks.

service scheduling software - automations service scheduling software - automations

Improve efficiency and speed of service

By implementing a field service automation solution, several tasks that are usually time-consuming can be completed in a short span of time. Overall there is better cohesion within your field service team and a smoother transition from one job to the next. Field service software also gives you the ability to send the right task to a technician from the right service group and the fastest availability. Technicians can also easily map out their destination using their mobile application allowing them to get there faster.  Overall field service automation leads to greater efficiency and speed of service.

service scheduling software - reporting and analytics service scheduling software - reporting and analytics

Why choose Freshdesk for your Field Service Management

Automated task creation and assignment

Freshdesk’s Intelligent Field service automation software allows you to automatically create new service tickets and capture all the information related to the service task when a customer raises a request on the portal. You can create automated workflows to assign new tickets to agents or specific service groups. You can also automate when the status of service tasks need to be updated based on any changes made to the service ticket and vice versa.

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Scheduling dashboard

The scheduling dashboard gives you a single view of all service tasks and the availability of your technicians. Using the dashboard you can assign newly created tasks to the field technicians that are available by dragging and dropping them into the time slot requested by the customer. You can filter the schedules of your desired service groups on the dashboard and easily identify the right person for the job.

Omnichannel ticketing

Freshdesk’s omnichannel capability auto-converts requests that come from various customer communication channels such as Email, Phone, Social, Chat into tickets. Your agents can also reply to the same ticket on the same channel from within the helpdesk itself. This gives you the unique advantage of responding faster to customer issues while also giving them the flexibility to choose how to contact you.

create service stack create service stack

Mobile field service app

Freshdesk’s field service mobile application gives field technicians the power to manage their service tasks on the go. It lets them stay connected with your dispatch team and receive notifications containing details of their service tasks. The field service app also makes it easy for technicians to provide updates on the progress of the task, take photos if required, and get the customer’s signature as a sign off on a completed task.

filters view filters view

Reporting and Analytics

Data is an important resource in the digital world and helps pinpoint areas of improvement with perfect accuracy. With Freshdesk’s powerful reporting and analytics, you can gain valuable insights into your field operations. You can create various dashboards and reports to understand which aspects of your team’s performance needs to be improved. It also helps you make decisions on whether you need to scale your team based on ticket volume trends and other metrics.

reporting and analytics reporting and analytics