Field Service Mobility: Enabling Real-time FSM

Deploy mobility solutions that help your field workforce deliver great customer experiences on the go.


What is Field Service Mobility?

Companies that provide field service, or dispatch technicians to fix issues, have to ensure timeliness and consistency of customer experience. But field service operations without the right technology is hampered by inefficiencies. Several repetitive, time consuming, and avoidable processes get in the way of field teams trying to deliver the best possible customer experience. 

There are 3 main challenges companies face in implementing field service management:

A field service mobility solution establishes a dynamic and responsive field service management system that improves collaboration and eliminates process redundancy. By using mobile technology, every service task is executed with speed and accuracy. Field service software creates a connected ecosystem - between the customer, contact center, and field teams - enabling real-time flow of information which leads to higher technician productivity and better customer satisfaction. 

                               How mobility in field service works with Freshdesk


What field service mobility solutions bring to FSM

Connected field service experience

Implementing a mobility solution brings your customer, contact center, and field operations center onto the same platform. It makes collaboration and co-ordination a lot easier between all stakeholders involved much simpler.

For example: If a customer logs a request to repair an HVAC unit at home, the complaint can be registered in the FSM system. Once the support agent assigns it to a field technician he/she will be automatically notified through an app on their smartphone. At the same time, the customer is also notified that their request has been assigned. This connected flow of information helps keep all stakeholders on the same page at all times

Field service experience

View & manage appointments instantly

 With mobility software, field service technicians can find their next appointment and manage their schedule instantly. Once dispatch managers or help desk agents send out an update or assign a task, the technician can view the appointment on an app installed on their mobile devices. This enables them to access all the information he or she needs, such as service details, time of appointment, customer location, and contact information. With the power of data & mobility at their fingertips, technicians can prioritize their daily schedule and deliver excellent, high-quality service to customers.

service scheduling software - automations

Track & update work orders in real-time

Several important activities that are part of service delivery can be done on the job with a field service mobile application. Field workers can track the amount of time spent on each service task, calculate the invoicing once completed, and receive final sign-off from customers through digital signatures. They can also take photos and add notes to the app. Dispatch managers and customer service teams can analyze all the collected service task information using the Field Service Management web application. They can derive useful insights from field agent performance and work to improve KPIs for future customer requests

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Business benefits of using a field mobility solution

Seamless customer experience 

Improved coordination between your contact center and field teams will lead to faster resolution times and a seamless service experience.

Lower costs

A mobility solution can automate manual tasks, optimize routes for technicians, and eliminate multiple visits for a single job, resulting in reduced costs and expenses.

Higher productivity

Field technicians, dispatchers, and customer service teams all work more efficiently and finish jobs faster thanks to streamlined workflows created using a mobile service management software.

Better workforce management

Better scheduling and tracking of task appointments leads to optimized workforce management and lower chances of either overloading or underworking your agents.

Improved profitability

Automation, reduced costs, and better job scheduling makes your field operations lean and highly efficient which results in an improved bottom line for your company.

Why choose Freshdesk as your mobile field service software?

Mobile field service app

Freshdesk’s field mobility app contains everything a technician needs to get through their daily appointments as quickly and effectively as possible. Several important mobile capabilities such as instant notifications for new service tasks, customer and job-related information, time logs, navigation, real-time status updates are provided on the app for the technician to make their daily life easier. They can also view task information offline when there are connectivity issues so that no context is lost while performing the activity.

Service task automation

Manually creating service tasks and then assigning them to the right field agent can become time-consuming and bring down productivity. But using Freshdesk’s Intelligent Automation, dispatchers can create trigger-based workflows to automatically create and assign service tasks for every customer ticket that gets registered. You can also automate the updating of status-related details as the request moves through different stages of the task lifecycle until completion.

Scheduling dashboard

Without FSM software, agents have to individually coordinate with every technician and inform them of their tasks each time it comes in. It makes it very difficult to keep track of different schedules and leads to errors and mismanagement. The Scheduling Dashboard is a powerful Freshdesk feature that lets helpdesk agents or dispatch teams manage service requests with a few simple clicks. It provides a single integrated view of all technicians and their schedules. Using simple drag and drop controls, agents can assign any incoming task instantly to an available field worker.